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The circus is coming to town!

ElsaElsa Posts: 32,892 Community Hub Moderator

Bright and early on a Sunday morning, Tiffi wakes up after a well-rested sleep. She opens her bedroom window. The sun is shining as it leaves a ray of sunlight in her room. She had a wonderful time at the beach on Friday and looks forward to seeing her friends again real soon. 

She has no plans for today but she has to check her phone for text messages. The day is still early. She walks into the kitchen and smells the coffee brewing. 

“Hi Dad, what’s up?” Tiffi questions. “Are you opening the store today? Maybe you should take a day off since it’s very hot outside and most probably everyone is going to the beach. Talking about beach, we had a great time on Friday. Your friend Yeti even went out on a surfboard. Now that was fun to watch!” 

Mr. Toffee is not sure whether he should open the candy store today, especially with the heat. He would feel guilty if he stayed home so maybe he’ll just go in for a bit to do some inventory.  

The two of them sit down to eat breakfast and no sooner does Tiffi finish eating she gets a text message. 

“Oh, I guess I know what I’ll be doing today,” Tiffi says.  

Another text message comes in as Tiffi gathers her belongings.  

Hugs and kisses.. 

“See you later Dad,” Tiffi says. 

Let’s continue - What’s that tent doing over there?

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