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Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters - BubbleGum Troll (Part 1)

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

Hello everyone. I know how much you missed my tributes but they came back better than ever!

Welcome to another 'Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters' with me, Sofia as your new superstar.

This time, we will analyse a character that all of us meet in Candy Crush Games. An antagonist !

Yes, we will talk about BubbleGum Troll.

Personality & Appearance

BubbleGum Troll lives in BubbleGum Bridge and he is one of the most special characters in whole Candy Kingdom. Candy Kingdom wouldn't be the same without a troublesome troll like him, of course!

His personality is very naughty and he always wants to sabotage Tiffi's good deeds while he tries to show to everyone how much great he is. Naughty but still kind, he knows everyone and everything about Candy Kingdom.

Also, he is selfish but ultimately harmless. He likes getting his way and being praised and he dislikes snow, rain and sharp things. Since he is a bit bossy, he doesn’t have too many friends. But he works well with Cupcake Carl, Dachs the Donut Dog, and other minions. Less well with Jenny or Mr. Toffee.

A game piece from the original Candy Kingdom game, he is the only one in Candy Town who remembers the time before Mr. Toffee arrived. He has Napoleon complex and he is obsessed with his own achievements and he thinks he should be in charge, so he constantly plots to steal Mr. Toffee’s job. But, his plans always blow up in his face.

If you wonder why he does all that is because he wants to command fear and respect, but his fellow citizens see him as a lovable screw-up because his big plans always come to naught and he never does anyone real harm (except to steal their candy). Little do they know that he secretly steals their possessions and hoards them in his bubblegum lair. Misty’s unicorn horn, one of Mr. Toffee’s monocles, and countless other treasures are tucked away in his sticky cave.

Also, he has a light pinkish-coloured body, made of BubbleGum and he can stretch his arms so to reach something in highest locations.With few words, BubbleGum Troll can be useful even in the stickiest situations!

BubbleGum Troll's Pranks in Candy Crush Saga

BubbleGum Troll did alot of pranks in CCS and causing alot of mess in whole Candy Kingdom. And he decided to start from our innocent, sweet protagonist Tiffi.

When Tiffi approaches in BubbleGum Bridge in 7th episode, he jumps out and threatens to take her candy. Tiffi must complete his challenges - which she does. After completing level 95, however, the Bubblegum Troll takes her bag of candy anyway. Fortunately, Tiffi is able to escape and continue over the bridge, while the Bubblegum Troll goes back into hiding.

And not only that. In 9th episode, Peppermint palace (level 111), the Bubblegum Troll has already wrecked the palace and left it in ruins, rendering Genie Jellybeanie completely upset.

In the 26th episode, Pudding Pagoda, Tiffi encounters Gumzilla (aka Bubblegum Troll) terrorizing Neko and the pagoda itself. After completing level 380, Gumzilla reverts to his original Troll form and has a pretzel katana fight with Tiffi, who wins. He swears his revenge and disappears.

In the 31st episode, Butterscotch Boulders, blocking the railroad tracks of the Casey, the train driver with a bunch of chocolate and leaving while in the 39th episode, Biscuit Bungalow, he encases Pete's bungalow with a huge bubble of pink bubblegum, whilst Pete is out of the house.

The Bubblegum Troll strikes again in the 50th episode, Marshallow Mountains. He sticks Jimmy the goat, on a bridge with some Bubblegum. Tiffi puts on a Viking hat, and rams the goat with it, freeing him from the bubblegum. However, the Bubblegum Troll goes back into hiding.

In the 57th episode, Dozen Cooper and Tiffi investigate a robbery in a bank. Above the Bubblegum Troll is a bag full of gold. Tiffi shines a flashlight on him, causing him to escape and drop the bag in a state of panic. The same happened and in In the 86th episode which the Bubblegum Troll has probably stolen candy somewhere in this district and is escaping while dropping pieces of candy. Dozen Cooper and Tiffi are investigating the dropped candy pieces.

Although he is antagonist, still there were times that BGT was somehow good and had a friendly side towards to Tiffi.

For example, at the end of the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise episode after completing level 215. He is the last one to appear and makes his grand entry by popping out of the top of the cake. It is odd that he would take part in the celebration since he is considered an antagonist, albeit obviously having a friendlier side. But what is on the evil side, is the appearance of him. He appears above the cake, therefore destroying a part of the cake and Olivia shouts "Get him!" and he goes to hiding again.

In the 134th episode, he saw the bead with a level design along with Tiffi and Mr. Yeti. BGT is fortune teller in disguise and he tells them the real truth of what's happening after level 2000, which is nothing much! In that episode, Tiffi is excited but we can't say the same for Mr.Yeti.

In the 190th episode, we saw BGT with his King Outfit for first time and he is sad because he's running out of bubblegum. Tiffi brings more and is allowed to enter his kingdom.

And if we talk about Dreamworld, well, at least there, BGT can't cause any trouble if you think that Tiffi is dreaming in this magical world ! Anyway:

In the 7th Dreamworld episode, Crazy Crossing, Tiffi is stealing the candies from him.

In the 15th Dreamworld episode, Sweet dreams, Odus appears on top of the cake instead of BGT.

In the 26th Dreamworld episode, Candy Kaiju, instead of him invading the Pagoda, it is Tiffi in the "Gumzilla" costume.

In the 31st Dreamworld episode, Starlight Station, Tiffi throws chocolate at him, and he wears the Train Driver's hat.



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