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Commenting on discussions and tagging

Sharon_LooseSharon_Loose Posts: 1,706 Level 5

Hi @Lola_Pop with regards to the Star event https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-friends-saga/discussion/329110/star-race-info-feedback-thread-here#latest I am unable to give feedback as I can’t comment on the post, however I access the discussion I cannot get my keyboard to appear on my iPad. On other discussions I have a problem when there is only one page but the keyboard always appears, that is relatively easy to get around as you go to the next page away from where you’ve been tagged.

This not being able to get the keyboard to appear has happened before but strangely it was also a post initiated by yourself. I know it is something to do with the forum as it’s been happening to a lot of mobile users where there is only one page to a discussion. I’d like to know whether this is happening to all mobile users or just a few?


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