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Today is beach day!

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Time passes quickly and it’s now beach day! Tiffi can’t wait to go to the beach to spend the day with Jenny and Yeti. She told Jenny that she’d meet both of them there as she had to stop to pick up some drinks. 

Hugs and kisses. The girls are so happy to be together again. Let’s go in the water Jenny. Suddenly Tiffi looks up at the sky and notices a couple of clouds that look like animals. She has never seen that before. She points upwards as she asks Jenny and Yeti if they see them too.

“Hey guys, do you see that cloud shaped like a rabbit?” asks Tiffi. 

Jenny and Yeti look up and are just as surprised as her.

“Oh look over there,” Jenny says. “Doesn’t that look like a cat? C’mon let’s go in the water.”

Jenny starts running to the shoreline and Tiffi follows her.

“Yeti are you coming in with us?” asks Tiffi.

Yeti tells the girls that he wants to do some googling to find out why these clouds look like animals. 

Let’s continue - Let’s see what Yeti finds on Google

Start at the beginning – Let’s go to the beach!

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