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Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #3 FINALE by EOTheGr8

EOTheGr8EOTheGr8 Posts: 1,678 Level 4
edited January 19 in Candy Friends Stories

Hello everyone! I am very sorry this took longer than it should have, but I am here now to give you all the finale to Candy Crush: A Sticky Story! Things are about to get interesting, so I recommend that you buckle your seat belt extra tight for this one!

So with all that being said,

EOTheGr8 Presents:

Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #3 FINALE by EOTheGr8

Candy Town Plaza

Tiffi, Mr. Toffee, Yeti, Kimmy, and Jenny were shocked to see that Bubblegum Troll was holding Nutcracker hostage.

“Let him go!” Tiffi yelled.

“Not a chance you little Candy Rats!” Bubblegum Troll replied.

“Holding Nutcracker hostage, is not gonna stop us if that’s what you’re trying to do.” Yeti added.

“Oh is that so?” Bubblegum Troll replied. “Attack them my goons!” 

Tiffi, Yeti, Mr. Toffee, Kimmy, and Jenny were outnumbered.

But then Mr. Toffee pressed the button, and after a few minutes of fighting off some of Bubblegum Trolls goons, reinforcements arrived.

The Gingerbread Army came to the rescue, and Tiffi, Yeti, Mr. Toffee, Kimmy, and Jenny, fought alongside the Gingerbread Army.

Back at Bubblegum Troll’s Cave

“No! No! Those Gingerbreads are taking down my army! This can’t be possible!” Bubblegum Troll exclaimed.

“You’re not getting away with any of the damage you have caused in Candy Town!” Nutcracker replied.

“Oh yes I am! If you thought what I’ve done already was bad enough, just wait until I detonate the bombs!” Bubblegum Troll laughed horrifically.

“The what-?!” Nutcracker was cut off.

Bubblegum Troll pressed the detonation button. Then…. nothing?

“What?! It isn’t working! What happened?!” Bubblegum Troll asked in shock.

“Your sticky tricks aren’t clever enough for me Troll!” A familiar voice exclaimed.

“Miss me?” Casey sarcastically asked.

“What?! How?! You’re a conductor!” Bubblegum Troll was surprised.

“Yeah, but I know a thing or two about bombs and defusing them.” Casey replied.

Bubblegum Troll was about to attack Casey, but Tiffi and the gang came to the rescue.

“Don’t even think about it!” Tiffi yelled.

"No! No! This can’t be possible! How-?” Bubblegum Troll was about to say.

“You can’t get away with everything you sticky mess!” Casey replied. “Tiffi, release Nutcracker.”

“On it!” Tiffi replied

“Thanks Tiffi!” Nutcracker appreciated.

“What do we do with Bubblegum Troll, Casey?” Yeti asked.

“We can go ahead and stick him in this big jar!” Casey replied. “I think this big chunk of Bubblegum can fit in here!”

"No! Please! Don’t do this!” Bubblegum Troll pleaded.

“We let you free last time Troll, and you attacked us again. Hopefully you learn your lesson this time.” Mr. Toffee told Bubblegum Troll.

“I know, and I am sorry. Please, I want to be free. I will stay away from here, and I will not return. If I do, I will treat Candy Town and it’s citizens with respect. But please don’t keep me in that jar.” Bubblegum Troll pleaded.

“Hmmm. Okay, fine. But just know, if you even try to attempt another evil scheme, we won’t set you free next time.” Casey told Bubblegum Troll. “Deal?” 

“Deal.” Bubblegum Troll agreed. 

"Alright. You’re free to go.” Casey said. “Again, if you even try to attempt another attack, I will come after you!”

Bubblegum Troll fled as fast as he could. 

That night, the festival was held, and the citizens of Candy Town appreciated their heroes. Everyone had a great time.

“It’s time to go Tiffi, you too, Yeti.” Mr. Toffee told them.

“Oh okay then, I’ll be right there.” Tiffi replied.

“Well I’ll see you guys again soon!” Tiffi said to Kimmy, Jenny, Casey, and Nutcracker. “Bye guys!”

“Bye Tiffi!” They replied.

“Oh, and one more thing.” Tiffi said. 

Tiffi went up to Nutcracker and-

“Aw Tiffi, you’re so sweet!” Nutcracker said to Tiffi.

“Alright well I gotta go now, bye guys! I’ll see you guys soon!” Tiffi said.

“Bye Tiffi!” They all replied.                                 

       *                    *                    *                    *

“How are we getting home?” Tiffi asked.

The same way you guys got here of course!” Denise came flying down to Tiffi, Yeti, and Mr. Toffee. “Time for another wild ride!”

“Woo Hoo!!” They all cheered.

The End!


1) Everyone who has supported me throughout this journey.

2) @Elsa inspired me to write this 3-Part story.



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