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No Receiving Lives or being able to send lives plus cannot login on facebook account

natmor70natmor70 Posts: 35 Level 2

Since the update I lost rachels costume , sweet streak and dachs delivery,then I could get back into the game with new missions ,now I cannot log in with facebook, no profile pic either, but i can play the game at the last level i was on , but I cannot receive lives or send them ,I've tried 5 different browsers as default browser nothing works . I've cleared history, caches, cookies numerous times .turn on /off (banging my head at wall) i'm starting to get very angry at this predicament . I play on Windows 10 Microsoft App ,I have the latest version, I have sent a support ticket to king.com, just received a generic response which was not helpful My ID is : 1060851211 if anyone has any idea how to fix this , can you please let me know. Thanks in advance :)

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