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Betty, Barney and Professor Alpha arrive

The community was filled with decorations: streamers, confetti balls, balloons, you name it! A huge gift box was brought into the room for Elsa, Eli and Jellybean to hide inside.

“This is so exciting!” Jellybean exclaimed as she stepped into the box

“Betty and her friends will be here any minute now,” Elsa said to Eli and Jellybean, “Just keep your eyes peeled on a huge blue balloon.”

A few minutes later, Eli could spot a huge boat landing on the ground. It was what Elsa described it to be and he instructed everyone to hide. After the balloon made a smooth landing, a young mouse jumped out of it. She had beautiful auburn hair and was waring vintage clothes, with a satchel around her shoulder. Professor Alpha, Betty’s grandfather and the smartest in the land of words, was wearing a red tuxedo, with a small hat on his head. His apprentice, Barney, was wearing a cap with goggles, a green jumpsuit and an orange coat. They made their way into the Community, which was pitch dark.

“B….b…Betty? Help! I’m s…s…scared of the d…d…dark!” Barney stammered and shivered in fear.

”Sometimes Barney,” Betty told him, “the dark contains surprises that are special and should not be seen easily!”

Betty’s words made Barney calm and relaxed. The three of them held hands as they entered the room where the party was held.

”Surprise!!!” everyone screamed as they popped out of their hiding spots.

Betty, Barney and Professor Alpha were shocked to their cores. They were even surprised when Elsa, Jellybean and Eli popped out of the large pink box and held out a large banner, ‘Welcome to King Community Betty, Barney and Professor Alpha!’ The three mice were touched with the community’s welcome surprise and thanked them profusely.

“This is the best welcome surprise ever!” Betty said with glitter in her eyes, “Thank you!”

Some of the community members came to hug Betty and Barney. Professor Alpha sat down on a chair, taking a small bite on the cheesecake Jellybean prepared.

“Now that we’re here,” Betty said, “I will be delighted to set up my very own school here.”

Suddenly, the guest’s excitement turned to shock and confusion. They turned to Betty as if she was an alien. Then, one of the CM’s spoke up.

”Ummmmm… are you sure you really want to set up your school here? You haven’t even got used to being in the King Community,” the CM said, and continued, “Let me show you around.”

Betty, Barney and Professor Alpha followed the CM while the rest continued to party. After 10 minutes of fun, everyone left for home, feeling tired and groggy. Jellybean walked home and laid on her bed, reading her stories. And then, she dozed off.


“Your stories are interesting, but not too cheesy,” a girl said as she was reading Jellybean’s story.

What will happen next —> Cheesy takeover — King Community

Beginning —> Cheesy language — King Community

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