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Share your favorite booster! ☄️

Snow_Rider Posts: 456 Community Manager
edited March 21 in Discussions

Color bomb? Lollipop hammer? Or maybe coloring candy?

Hello, Friends! We're sooo curious to learn about your favourite boosters! Please feel free to vote for the most preferred one and let us know why you like it the most. If your booster is not in the list, leave a comment and let the community know about your preferences. 

Share your favorite booster! ☄️ 49 votes

Lollipop Hammer
DieOmiminancyhorses1Susan150971divan4692 4 votes
Striped Lollipop Hammer
Diamond_Limkiara_waelquad5bearwithmePitty_KittyistuffPrincess_JessicaJONH10[Deleted User]大神仙amazonjen 11 votes
Wrapped Lollipop Hammer
PummyRajAndres-2SpinnifixMountainMomme6412Palash_SarmaBettinaRickteeweipingMelissaschauer 9 votes
Color Bomb
gamepowerhudusNika_76Pasquotto123Candychan96 5 votes
Coloring Candy
LaurenmlhMiladyRLa Leymaf34100rebelchildKing_NealDavid5023BubbleGumSodaCassDRacoon7tokasa13Terri_1VickMtzLeFlarcaneNico_GShagunproKiki_gBellamy32task7nalandude 20 votes


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