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  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 7,105 Friends Moderator
    Wrapped Lollipop Hammer

    I love all the boosters in CCFS, but if I must choose one it would be the wrapped lollipop hammer. This booster can remove lots of layers or troublesome blockers, especially if they in distant corners of a board.

  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,007 Level 5
    Wrapped Lollipop Hammer

    Wrapped Lollipop Hammer, is a great help with blockers.

  • Bellamy32
    Bellamy32 Posts: 2,227 Level 4
    Coloring Candy

    I love this booster as it can come to your advantage 😉😊

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 130,495 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    Striped Lollipop Hammer

    Oh! Why not choosing Striped or Wrapping Lollipop Hammer? 😅😅😅

    Striped Lollipop Hammer can be also smashed all of layers of blockers, cookies and octopuses possible and also smashed them with cross T shape and Wrapped Lollipop Hammer can be also smashed all of layers of blockers, cookies and octopuses possible too and also smashed them with square shape two times. I have tried to use them on tricky levels many times and it's can be really smashed possible for us. 😉

    But also thank you for your voting and answering favourite booster on this game. 🤗

  • VickMtz
    VickMtz Posts: 133 Level 3
    Coloring Candy

    I like them all, and more if I use them with a colored sprinkle

  • Amoonmoon
    Amoonmoon Posts: 8,387 Level 5

    Can't vote for a specific booster

    They are all useful depending on the level

    for example Lollipop Hammer one hit on You remove any of the octopus or mint instead of many movements

    Striped Lollipop Hammer If you need it for jam levels, match it with the Jelly Queen's Scepter

    Wrapped Lollipop Hammer

    To break caramel cups, mint, etc

  • gamepower
    gamepower Posts: 686 Level 3
    Color Bomb

    I voted ✔️

    The colorbomb has a way of charging all the matching candies.

  • BettinaRick
    BettinaRick Posts: 239 Pro Player 👑
    Wrapped Lollipop Hammer


    I like them all too but my favorite is currently the wrapped lollipop

  • LeFlarcane
    LeFlarcane Posts: 19,656 Level 5
    Coloring Candy

    I voted it that, but I like them all! It's based on the strategy!

    Coloring was my choice but it can be found from watching an video before starting a level (or even new level/s). Perfect combination with sweet streak 2 or 3 (new levels during the first attempt only) which chances of putting next to a color bomb that can easily beat quickly.

    Striped Lollipop Hammer was a great ingame booster, smashes one blocker of every all layer leaving a 4 line straight blast (can be blocked by licorice swirl or hazelnut crunch) which is great for Jam lavels. If a heart is hitted, then the heart moves 5 (at max) squares foward. This ingame booster is similar to the Jelly Queen's ability.

    Wrapped Lollipop Hammer was my favourite ingame booster, smashes one blocker of every all layer, leaving an explosion blast two times (can be also hitted next to the gummy blocker if a candy is next to the gummy blocker or filled with octopus in a gummy blocker in "Octopus levels")

    You can find the list of blockers HERE

  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,497 Level 4
    Coloring Candy

    I voted for the coloring candy. It is powerful and can be used in several different combos. When combined with a color bomb, the result is board clearing sweetness! 😎

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