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Rachel Event Vanishes after App Update- Under Investigation

OceanL Posts: 16 Level 2
edited April 2022 in Support

I was on level 8 of Rachel's Paris in Macaroons event about 2 hours ago, with 11 or 12+ days on the event timer left. After the update the event is entirely gone. I'm really disappointed; I only have 300 of her stickers so far. Is there another update coming to give the event back?

I've restarted the app multiple times and turned on/off wifi and mobile data. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 11,958 Community Manager

    Hello @OceanL !

    I'm sorry to hear you lost your event 😕. Have you tried playing one or two regular levels? Sometimes the events reappear after that 🤗. Any other tip, @MountainMom , @DieOmimi ?

  • OceanL
    OceanL Posts: 16 Level 2

    Hi @Lola_Pop ,

    I just beat a level and no luck with the event reemerging. I'm really hoping that since it happened *immediately* upon installation of the update, something gets done on the developer end so I get another update with the event unlocking.

    Thanks again, OceanL

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 6,016 Friends Moderator


    I don't know if this will help, but have you tried playing CCFS on a different device (PC or mobile)? Some aspects of the game are stored locally on a device and others are stored on the King servers. It's worth a try if you have another device with the game on it.

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 24,773 Friends Moderator

    @OceanL I had replied the following to another player and it worked for him. Please try it too.

    I had the problem yesterday and tried the following steps several times:

    - clear the cache, 

    - Close the app, 

    - Turn off the phone completely and leave it off for at least 10 seconds

    - Open the app after turning my phone back on

    In addition, I changed my Internet connection several times between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

    After the 4 repetition of these steps, the events came back to me.

    Please keep trying. For some players, it worked the same way. Unfortunately, it did not lead to success with other players.

  • OceanL
    OceanL Posts: 16 Level 2

    Hi @DieOmimi ,

    I've given the steps you've suggested a try. I'm clearing the cache, force stopping the application, powering down my phone for at least 30 seconds, and then powering back on, as well as changing between Wifi and Mobile Data often.

    So far, after 4 full cycles of this, the only thing that happened is my Sweet Streak event vanished one of the times I switched to Wifi; it came back on Mobile Data and then remained afterward. I'll try a couple more times, but evidently the game doesn't want me to have Rachel 😭. I'm just sad because I know she doesn't swing around often so I was trying to make sure I got her (this is the first time I've ever had a chance to get her).

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 24,773 Friends Moderator

    @OceanL I'm sorry it didn't work well for you. Yes, Rachel comes very rarely. I have the event but don't play it intensely (only when I'm bored because I'm standing at the end of the map at the construction site). I already earned Rachel last year and her Christmas costume in December last year.

    I wish you good luck in your further attempts and hope Rachel comes back to your game.

  • OceanL
    OceanL Posts: 16 Level 2

    @DieOmimi Appreciate you looking into it! If the devs/studio comes up with any other solutions, I'd love to give them a try.

    Thanks again!

  • ChiefsFan62
    ChiefsFan62 Posts: 5 Level 2

    I all so lost Rachel and have tried everything and can not get her back.

  • OceanL
    OceanL Posts: 16 Level 2
    edited April 2022

    @DieOmimi So...the saga of Rachel + I continues, and it somehow gets weirder.

    After so many tries 2 days ago, I gave up on cache clears and phone restarts, and was just playing standard levels. Early this morning the usual Tiff-in-a-plane star chaser event popped in, but nothing else. Then, midday, I open the game and I suddenly had the Rachel event back! I did the remaining 3 levels as fast as I could--I was worried it'd vanish on me again.

    Well, after clearing Level 10 and getting my reward and 400/500 stickers, CCFS loads the main screen...and Rachel's gone. AGAIN.

    I assume she was supposed to have a star or level chase element to gain the last 100 stickers, but the whole event has completely vanished again, as if it never existed.

    I'll try a cache clear and full phone reset again, but omg. This raccoon hates me. Any ideas what else to try? At least this is data for the studio!

    Lolololol this is ridiculous. -OceanL

    @MountainMom just as an FYI, I did try installing CCFS on my laptop; it did not have the event either, sadly.

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 6,016 Friends Moderator

    Hello @OceanL,

    I had the same experience recently when trying to win a new costume for one of my "Friends." Here is what happened to me, and I think the same has happened to you:

    In several of the levels in a friend/costume event, there will be a gift box placed randomly on the board. Each of these boxes adds points to your event score when you clear them off the board. However, if you don't collect the gift boxes before winning the level, you will be short of the required points to win the costume. Sadly, once you complete the final level in the event, the event disappears. Consequently, there is no chance to replay a level to collect the mussing gift box.

    It was a hard lesson for me to learn, so I feel your pain. The good news is that there will be more opportunities to win new costumes...and we won't make this mistake again.

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