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Have New Levels Been Released for Mobile Yet?

SeraphicStarSeraphicStar Posts: 4,537 Superstar
Hello all, SeraphicStar here, and today I'm inquiring if new levels were released this week for mobile devices 🤔

I know new levels were released for PC as people have reached 1900 club here (only possible on PC) :

My game is still at 1840 pictured here:

I've checked for updates already and force closed the game several times. Considering it's now Saturday that's 4 days since the new levels should have been released (Note: I never had problems with getting the new levels on my old phone 🤔)

I'm wondering if anyone are experiencing or have experienced this issue in the past, and what you guys did to remedy the issue? :confused:

Looking forward to insights on this issue! :chuffed:

~ Sincerely
 💫 SeraphicStar 💫


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