Level changed on Candy Crush? Different number of moves or seeing the same level twice?



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    Hi @Esther-9,

    A Warm Welcome to the King Community, where you can seek Answers / Suggestions from your fellow players in any King Games' Sections :)

    I just went back into my game to play this level, but I have completely different one.  The one you showed is "Frog & Jelly" level. mine is "Ingredient" level!!  You must have played level # 636, this is also same kind.

    With regards to your level -- here is how you will have to solve it!!  Yeah, you will not get Candy there on that top part because, you will have to clear that Jelly with "Frog".  So, what you do is ---
    (1) You have to make combinations with the Frog with the same color as it is;
    (2) In the above picture, the Frog is Red, you must have done few Red combos with it, hence it is shining;
    (3)  When the frog starts shining, you can click on that and click on that Jelly part (in left top corner);
    (4) The Frog clears 3 X 3 Jelly.  If you create a Color Bomb OR get a free booster, save it use on the Frog for 2nd time;
    (5) The Frog changes colors each time after clearing the Jelly.  So, now use that Color Bomb to collect that color and the Frog will shine again.
    (6) Now, clear the rest of the Jelly in the same area.
    (7) The Jelly in right side screen should be cleared with the help of Striped Candy; OR striped and wrapped candy combo.

    Let me know if it clarified or not & hope it made sense  B)

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    This is happening to me too... Are we just stuck here forever? 
  • CarMaxCarMax Posts: 1
    Yes I've been on this level for quite some time and it seems like they want you to get so frustrated that you buy a booster. I'm not going to buy a booster or make any purchases so I'll give it a day or two and then I'm uninstalling Candy crush and playing my other games.
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    I'm on level 2066 and I feel like I've done this level before. I googled the level and looks like everyone has the same level layout EXCEPT ME. My 2066 looks completely different and I'm now sure that I've done it before. Not the first time either - since level 2000 I often get that feeling of having already done some certain levels before. Help please? I don't see the point of doing the same levels all over again.
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    Hi guys,
    Just moving this over to the Candy Crush Community so other players can chip in if needed :) 

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    Hi again @edsland there are actually two videos in that link, the first one is with 30 moves and the second one is with 12. Please look at the second one 😊 Have a great day and keep crushing 🍭
  • Esther-9Esther-9 Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone.  I was very welcome by the group for my first post.  I did finally get through the level.  Thanks for all the help.  
  • kwadublin1kwadublin1 Posts: 3
    Same problem for me!  This is extremely irritating and frustrating that King would do this on so many levels.  I am on 1140 and I am only getting 12 moves and not the 30 I see others are getting.  This is supposed to be a fun game- not something to cause frustration and irritation!  This has to end....
  • claudiagiusclaudiagius Posts: 1
    Lola__2_2 said:

    Level 504 in candy crush saga has 12 moves. All help videos show 40 moves for this level. I don’t think it’s possible to beat this in 12 moves, help please 

    I have the same problem. What can I do please?
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    I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but I’ve been playing earlier levels for my current levels. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m trying to play (2084), but I’m playing level 1879. Have y’all had any problems like this before??

    I have a screen recording of it too but I don’t know how to put it here besides uploading it to YouTube or something (I’m on my phone and I can only add pictures)
    Update: found the answer. It’s so frustrating trying to pass this level- impossible. 
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 6,876 Superstar
    hi @akhounm welcome to community. Your statement: It is true that you got the same level again. Not only you, many of them got these. King is shifting the old levels, so there will be some change in it. You will have this problem until they complete the task. do not worry, hopefully will soon ok  :) 
  • akhounmakhounm Posts: 2
    hi @akhounm welcome to community. Your statement: It is true that you got the same level again. Not only you, many of them got these. King is shifting the old levels, so there will be some change in it. You will have this problem until they complete the task. do not worry, hopefully will soon ok  :) 

    Thank you for your response! This level is such a pain and I don't like it!
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 6,876 Superstar
    @akhounm have a good day  :)
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