how to i get a reply to the following issue

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I have reported before that the daily calendar prize is not working on my game - and every time I return to the game it gives me a day 1 prize. You have not resolved this issue- but now even if I lose a level, so long as I come out of the game and go back in my score increases by 50 and I get yet another day 1 prize. I come first every time on the 'special events' even if I don't win any levels. Also the CPU on my laptop is going off the wall. I'm up-to-date and cache is clear.  Help.


  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 3,886 Superstar
    Hi @Florita ;

    Are you having this issue in Candy Crush Friends Saga or in Other games as well? 
    Because this is stored locally on your device there could be something stopping it from being saved.  You Mentioned that your CPU is going off the wall.. can you tell what process is kicking in and maybe provide a screenshot? You can see this by right clicking on your task bar and selecting task manager
  • FloritaFlorita Posts: 5
    I'm using a MacBook pro so not sure what you mean my 'task bar' but have added a screenshot from 'activity monitor' that shows a process group. This is not the only problem though - the fact that I am winning all the 'space games' as my score increases by 50 every time I play (win or lose) and that my lives go back to 5 and I get day 1 calendar gift every time I open the game - is really annoying. There is something obviously wrong somewhere. The game plays properly on my mobile. Candy Crush saga is the only King game that I play so don't know if it would happen on any other.

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