Fruit wont drop!!

realoubrealoub Posts: 5
I have played level 559 loads of times and cleared the board of all the liqurish but not one item of fruit has even stoped onto the board?? 


  • pavippavip Posts: 1
    This is happening with me too
  • realoubrealoub Posts: 5
    Iits driving me mad there is no way i can pass the level if it won't give me what i need to do!! :/ 
  • askuhnaskuhn Posts: 2
    Same here. Played level 6 times with no ingredients in sight. 
  • realoubrealoub Posts: 5
    I've tried loads come out of game... gone back in deleted app and signed back in nothing has worked well guess that's game over...  :angry:
  • fannyblofannyblo Posts: 1
    I have the same problem  :( :(
    Bij mij net hetzelfde probleem 
    Geen fruit te zien gedurende het volledige spel
  • cspayton85cspayton85 Posts: 1
    Same here. I’ve played multiple times and no fruit at all. Any solution?
  • NoemirosaNoemirosa Posts: 2
    I have the same problem :/
  • eve111eve111 Posts: 1
    I’ve signed up to this forum just so I can find some answers about the level 559!!! It’s driving me mad I’ve Wasted all my lives !!!
  • jaegermonsterjaegermonster Posts: 1
    Have any answers for level 559 no ingredients problem? Have 6 hours full lives and can't win.
  • realoubrealoub Posts: 5
    Unfortunately not i have emailed support but still no response 
  • Pummy RajPummy Raj Posts: 2,381 Superstar
    Hello @realoub

    Welcome to the "New" King Community, where your fellow players can help you with some of the Questions :)

    I am guessing you are playing on Mobile device!!  Because, I have played on PC on 3 platforms -- Edge, Chrome and on Game Room  -- NO Issue in this level  =)

    Where as on my Mobile phone, the issue appeared like you said.  Would you mind if I suggest you to play this level on your PC and go back to your Mobile device for next levels?

    @pavip, @askuhn, @fannybla, @cspayton85, @Noemirosa, @eve111, @jaegermonster ; -- Please play on your PC just for this level and hoping the next levels should be OK on your mobile devices!

    @KOEKOE --  I am guessing you are also having the same issue as you have posted in this thread!!  You also please play on your PC.  Next time, if you need any help with any of the games, please post in English, because the King Community supports ONLY English as of now!

    Just a note to all of you.... I am tagging the Candy Crush Community Manager @Cezdiamond to take a look into it :+1:

    All the Best & keep having fun  :)  and a Very Happy New Year to all of you!
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  • askuhnaskuhn Posts: 2
    It worked. I completed it on my computer. I'd love to have all those boosts back though....
  • realoubrealoub Posts: 5
    It's ment to be working now... I've completed it on pc how ever lost so many lives and all my boosts :angry:
    Bij mij terug alles in orde
     sinds vandaag!!
    Level kunnen uitspelen 😀
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