Games not giving the icons you have won or spun in Candy Crush

hopefulonehopefulone Posts: 9
I am playing tonka and spun the wheel and recd a gold bar and a hand and they where not added. That is the  3rd player this has happened too

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  • hopefulonehopefulone Posts: 9
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    All sorted now everyone. I deleted my cache and cookies history for all time due to not having the latest flash player version as suggested and today it all works fine again. Every player is now receiving their gifts in Candy Crush.
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    hello @hopefulone

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    Sorry your statement not clear to me  :)
    Please tell me with more detail.

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  • hopefulonehopefulone Posts: 9
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    The Candy Crush daily wheel is not giving me the prize I win and I have taken screenshots of before and after. B4 I spun the wheel today I had 37 cocunut wheels. After spinning the wheel I landed on another coconut wheel however my tally remains at 37 and did not increase to 38. 
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    Hi @hopefulone and welcome to our adorable Community ๐Ÿ˜Š Did you check your backpack? Sometimes we receive the boosters but they don't show up on the screen but directly in the backpack.
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