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  • Sammy2005Sammy2005 Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited January 2020
  • Sammy2005Sammy2005 Posts: 2 Newbie
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  • Hipsy86Hipsy86 Posts: 6 Level 2
    please do not change to 5 drops .. 
  • Victor_10Victor_10 Posts: 17 Level 2
    Pounawea said:
    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all very much for your comments.

    I've merged other open questions in regards to the 5 drop only in this category. Let's please gather all the questions, comments and feedback (support category) here, so the information is centralized in only 1 'place'. 

    I'd like to confirm that getting 5 drops per level is not an issue. The Studio has confirmed that some changes will be applied to some random players with their Sugar drops. 

    A new and random test group was created and very soon it will be reaching more players. @jmesmall @Tankergirl @Mary_Kay @deryck
    The changes for this group of players are the following: 
    • Changing the unlocking level to 501. 
    • Changing the Sugar Candies drops to 5.
    • Changes also in the rewards: untimed boosters as rewards of the Sugar track. 

    How exactly is changing the number of candies for each candy level to 5 fair? I can't keep going through candy levels and only getting 5 candies that is just way to low. For crying out loud when I play a level like 286 it should produce more than 5 candies but now thats no longer the case. Please leave the candies alone and however many candies the player gets is that no change is needed or required. You are basically making things harder for players instead of making it easy on players. Can  you please reverse this new method of yours?

  • sissyksissyk Posts: 56 Level 3
    @Victor_10 I agree with you about stopping playing the game! Since the other day when they introduced this BS, I don't want to play anymore and had played only a few new levels! This is the stupidest update which they made so far and they don't give us a simple and reasonable explanation! It's GREED! But I will also stop buying gold bars! I've been a loyal player since for donkeys years, since they Max level was 2000, but now I'm thinking of quitting this BS for good!
  • Maureen-3Maureen-3 Posts: 161 Level 3
    I used to play to win 10 , 20 etc sugar drops,, now max 5,, why? You took away the reason to enter every day..please answer
  • ChocolateCherryChocolateCherry Posts: 10 Level 2
    I said the other day, I’m done, I love playing the game but will NOT play.  The games are impossible to win in the 4000s without using multiple boosters and I refuse to play now.  It’s just not fun.  I played for fun and it’s simply not fun when you get 5 sugar drops per level. Nope, not me, I’m done. I’m looking for something new without the King name attached to it.
  • chillsville_chillsville_ Posts: 1 Newbie
    will have to play 28 levels to get to 180 sugar drops put it back to normal 
  • peanutsdadpeanutsdad Posts: 7 Level 2
  • Maureen-3Maureen-3 Posts: 161 Level 3
    If I play well.I deserve the sugarbdrops.I earned,, not fair,, not.right, please fix,, please answer

  • peanutsdadpeanutsdad Posts: 7 Level 2
    Why is I one answering the question about 5 sugar drops only is spoiling the game 
  • Von_3Von_3 Posts: 389 Level 4
    Candy Crush used to be my favourite game but I am astonished how King have just slashed and burned one of the most popular games in the world.

    Today I log in and am faced with this 5 sugar drop limit nonsense
    and then Dexter appeared and has now just vanished.

    I cannot see any point whatsoever in continuing to play this completely screwed up game. 

    I shall check now and then to see if sanity has been restored otherwise I regretfully will not be playing anymore.

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    Hello @Sammy2005 - welcome to our community.  We always like to hear from players but English is the only language used here, so could you please post your comments in English (you can use a translation app if needed) so we can understand what you are trying to say?

    I understand everyone's frustration with the 5 sugar drop rule.  I was very surprised when I was playing 1476 and found I only got 5 sugar drops.  I'm not sure what the reasoning is.  At least the sugar drops are no longer timed, but you have to spend a lot more time and replay a lot more older levels (for those people who wait for new levels every week) in order to collect 180 sugar drops to get the maximum amount of boosters.  Also - because of the time factor, I doubt there will be very many people who try to collect sugar drops twice in one day.  

    However, I'm glad that players are providing feedback for the studios.  When they create these test groups - one of the reasons is to see how the players respond.  So in this case the trade off is no longer getting timed boosters from the sugar track, but you have to play a lot more levels (36) to get them. 

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