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Help us bring back 30-minute lives!

impossible146impossible146 Posts: 23 ✭✭
edited August 21 in Ideas
Recently the game updated so that lives take 1 hour to regenerate instead of 30 minutes. This has caused a lot of frustration for me and a lot of the community because now, instead of my usual 4 or 5 full sets of lives per day, now I can only use 2. Combine this with not being able to send lives to friends and the game goes a LOT slower.

Hit the GREEN upvote button if you want 30 minute lives back!

Edit: Nice to see some support. 3 votes! Keep’em flowing!

Edit 2: 19 upvotes! Nice job! Let’s get those 30 minute lives back!
306 votes

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Refill time for lives is back to 30 mins!



  • Julia_HarmerJulia_Harmer Posts: 1
    No point in giving us 1hour bonuses if we can't use them.
  • impossible146impossible146 Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Agree! And the 15 minute boosters from sugar drops.... *sigh*
  • uscggirl135uscggirl135 Posts: 1
    Extremely frustrating, especially when stuck on a lvl and can’t use 1hr boosters
  • JennflowersJennflowers Posts: 1
    I'm very disappointed in the 1 hour lives! I thought 30 minutes was to long, I feel like uninstalling and finding a different app 😑
  • Wendy_LouiseWendy_Louise Posts: 2
    This 1 hour time is a headache and you will lose out on people using the app. 
  • Linda2390wLinda2390w Posts: 1
    I don't like the 1 hour wait on lives. It's pointless to give 15 or 30 minute boosters if you have an hour wait on lives. By the way,I don't like that you changed the boosters from the sugar drops. I guess uf it stays like thus I'll have to find something I can play without waiting an hour.
  • impossible146impossible146 Posts: 23 ✭✭
    edited August 21
    18 votes! Let’s go!
  • I’m level 2665 and this is the second time I’ve played to this level (new phone) I’m seriously considering ditching this game because of the level timer. Worst update possible.
  • debijasperdebijasper Posts: 4
    Absolutely! It’s just Frustrating! If you cave once and buy lives then i feel we are screwed from there . When did playing a simple game get so frustrating??
  • debijasperdebijasper Posts: 4
    and totally beating the quest for nothing!
  • debijasperdebijasper Posts: 4
    And rewards that expire... if you don’t have lives and not getting any then it’s pointless 
  • Sarak007Sarak007 Posts: 2
    What do you have gifts for me? 
  • mrm1960mrm1960 Posts: 2
    Agree with all the comments above!  Give back 30 minute lives!  You’d think King would want to encourage people to play more, not less. I don’t get it. King, you owe us an explanation on this one. 
    Also don’t like getting timed boosters with no lives/stuck on level AND the timed boosters that are hardly ever an option on most levels. If you want to stick with these, why not give the “won” booster on every level until it runs out of time whether it’s a normal booster for the level or not?

    Also, when you finally play enough levels to get the five free lives, it makes no sense to not add them to your existing number of lives. I can’t tell you how many times I already had five lives so I just missed out. It already takes so long to get this reward. If you have 5 or fewer lives, just add the five so you then have min 5, max 10.  Or, allow players to add the reward when they are out of lives instead of making it automatic. 
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 6,857 Superstar
    One vote from me 🤗
  • judii612judii612 Posts: 1
    Really disappointed in the one hour wait for lives , thinking about deleting game!!!
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