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The Beginner's Corner began because a Saga player had suggested that we start a club for beginner's of the Saga game.  It was a wonderful idea and we put the idea into action.  Gazing into the crystal ball, we had some idea where we wanted to take it.

It was launched on 29th August 2019.  The categories that we started with were a Welcome message offering links on how to play, tips and asking you to share your game tips, a Mentor's message where you could ask the Superstars anything about the game, Ask Tiffi anything about the game, and the beginning of some fun contests.  From my point of view, I believe that it's been very successful so far.  We would like to take it to the next step and could use your feedback.  Please respond to the questions below.

1) Did you find this Beginner's Corner on your own or did someone suggest to check it out?

2) What is your favorite activity that you enjoy here? 

3) What would you like to see more of?

4) How often do you visit this corner and are you looking for something specific when coming here?

5) Is there anything specific that we can improve on here in this corner?

6) Would you be interested in speaking with anyone from the studio?

We want this to be a fun experience for you and your friends.  Sort of like sitting in a lounge, having a drink and chatting with friends.  This corner is for you.  Please answer these questions and feel free to offer additional feedback on what you would like to see here.


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