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💻📱📅 How many levels are in Candy Crush Saga? Information per platform (2020 & 2021)



  • Ben1mutemi
    Ben1mutemi Posts: 3 Newbie

    Candy reduces stress on stressing days. Are you stressed play candy

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Dear Candy Crusher,

    The new levels of the week have been released!!

    I'll be sharing all the details below.

    Happy crushing everyone! 🍬🍬

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Dear Candy Crushers!

    New episodes have been released in Candy Crush Saga! 🥳

    How many levels do we have in the game? Today, November 18th, we have... Let's check it out the different Candy Crush Saga Levels per platform:

    • Facebook and mobile (Android, iOS and Amazon devices): 8225 Levels, 549 episodes (Yes, 4 new episodes!)
    • Win10: 8315 Levels, 555 episodes

    *As we did during the last couple of weeks, this week we are releasing 4 episodes for Facebook and mobile devices. Please enjoy them, Candy Crushers!

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    Last but not least... are you at the very top of the Saga Map on weekly basis? We've prepare a very special contest for you! Don't miss out this: 🚀✨ Reach for the stars with Tiffi! HERE


    We'll be looking forward to reading your feedback & episode ratings!

    Have a delicious day and happy crushing!! 🍬🍬

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3
    edited November 2020

    Keep on saying 4 episodes a week is far too many. Glad to see that KING are listening to the players


    *Edit by CM: profanity

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Hi @Gary_Turner ,

    As players have also been mentioning, we've been working very hard to bring more new episodes (4 episodes instead of 3) than we usually do, so we could also give you more opportunities to play new levels and be part of the events that require crushing new levels from the main Saga Map.

    As you know, there are different Candy Crushers all around the world with different tastes, likes and dislikes. We will keep working on improving and bringing better experiences overall.

    Have a delicious day and see you around the forum. 🍬

  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 2,062 Level 5

    @Pounawea I have finished this weeks new releases and can only describe the first 2 episodes as again disappointing. Again besides probably 3 or 4 good levels, it was a mix of boring poorly designed rigid levels and ridiculously hard levels, culminating in level 8300, which epitomized the poor quality of the product on offer. Of course the Rainbow Rapids levels were the worst.

    Then, we come to episode 3. What a turnaround. A brilliant 15 levels, I cannot fault 1 of them. Were they produced by a different designer ?? It took 34 levels before a level with Freddo the Frog as a target appeared, then we had the frog for levels 8304, 8309 and 8311. They were all of the highest quality combining enjoyment with tactics and an acceptable degree of difficulty. Then to finish the episode the fish dispenser appeared. With such a high quality product even the odd Rainbow Rapids or Sour Skulls level is acceptable.

  • Erewhon
    Erewhon Posts: 134 Level 2
    • Win10: 9845 Levels, 657 episodes

  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 2,062 Level 5

    @Pounawea @Albert_Heinrich @Gary_Turner Just posted the below on the forum. How can you collect a bank of boosters when these kind of tricks are being played on us ?? Completely unethical !!!

    Yesterday, the Daily Treat calendar reverted to Day 1 and you had to play a game for it to appear. Today, it appears but is still on Day 1 !!!

    Is this another way that the Games Studio/Management is manipulating the game to force players to spend money ?? Besides the newly released levels rapidly becoming a joke, the side games are farcical and now the Daily Treat Calendar has joined the circus !!

    I consider myself an experienced player, presently at Level 8315 (the end), and am very sad to see the game rapidly degenerating into a poor quality product !!

  • Ah_Kwang
    Ah_Kwang Posts: 230 Level 3


    All the 5 gold bars I won for the race were not given to me. How do I recover from King

  • Pounawea
    Pounawea Posts: 4,514 Community Manager

    Hi @Peter_Tornaros ,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    Yesterday, and for some players around the world, we added a new functionality in the Treat Calendar. That might have caused the tech issue you are sharing. I apologise for any inconvenience, I've already forwarded the information to our team members so they can check it out.

    On another note, I'm very looking forward to the new levels we will be releasing today and also to you feedback.

    Have a delicious day and stay tuned! As soon as the new episodes are out, I'll share the information. 🍬 🍬

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