No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



  • jenfinkjenfink Posts: 15 Level 2
    Over the past few days I have been searching for a replacement to CC. I have found that lots of games still have the “in” and “back out” feature. This is clearly not a “fix”. It’s a common feature in these types of games. Good news for me, I have some good replacement prospects! Bad news for King, I haven’t played CC in 4 days. Hope you miss my money, because it’s going to another game developer now. 
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  • Johan_ThunbergJohan_Thunberg Posts: 7 Level 2
    Pounawea said:

    Last but not least, an open question: Can you think of a different way for us to preview levels in the game?

    The preview is just a minor thing, nice to have but not important.
    It's the ability to back out and rearrange boosters that matters.Unless the preview shows the placement of boosters and have some mechanism to shuffle the placement it's of no use. But then it's much easier to just revert this recent change.

    Anyway, I've been playing for years and was one of the players waiting for new levels each Wednesday. But now I have stopped, haven't played since this was introduced. Will keep track of this thread in case you come to your senses again King, until than thanks for many years of gaming and good bye (for now at least).
  • pistoffpistoff Posts: 12 Level 2
    I havent been playing as long as most of you but i started about 6 months ago and im up to level 2896 and as you can see by my screen name im pissed off too i never bought boosters till the upper levels b/c sometimes the booster used with the ability to reshuffle was the only way to get thru a board especially when u win a timed booster and have no lives left so u cant even use it also all of the unfair bs of some players getting 20 to 30 moves to beat a level while myself and a few others would only get 12!!!! Craziness!!! Now they take this "fix" grrrrr i agree with the one person that commented that king hasnt even responded to us at all so we need to find out how we can reach the advertisers if they know ppl are getting ready to junk this game and they will lose all that ad revenue then maybe we can hit king where it hurts....but we need to do something b/c all of our posts are obviously having no effect as they dont care about our community so lets do something that they will hear and feel....stop playing stop buying and take these issues to the companies with the ads so they know....or maybe a magazine or news b/c that negative press will do more than we can alone 
  • pistoffpistoff Posts: 12 Level 2
    Also some ppl have been talking about having the ability to watch an ad for a booster thats another thing i never had....and one girl on here said she gound another game similar to cc but by a dif maker and u can reshuffle on it she said she hasnt played cc in over 4 days if u are reading this and can some how reply to me can u plz lmk what game that is....we should all srart playing that one
  • xoxoloxoxolo Posts: 16 Level 2
    I can’t believe they have the audacity to basically tell us to keep wasting boosters and lives while WE come up with an alternative lol wtf.   
  • erikjunleserikjunles Posts: 2 Newbie
    I'm was a really fissured player, but I'm really frustrated about this update. I will never spend my money in this game.
  • pistoffpistoff Posts: 12 Level 2
    Also why are some ppl waiting to reach a certain level b4 quitting that makes no sense to me why not just quit now and for Gods sake domt spend any money also as for the paid moderators comments and questionsvwhy is he asking us for ideas on how to fix it or make the reshuffle possible isnt that what all those creators get paid to do???  Just revery iy back ....if we all quit playing and stop playing NOW!!!! HIT KING WHERE IT HURTS
  • pvalla2pvalla2 Posts: 50 Level 3

    I appreciate being given the opportunity to make a suggestion about a new way to preview a level in a game. However, since the game already had a process that did the job AND you were not receiving a boatload of player complaints about that process, it seems a waste of time and resources to code for a new process. Just undo the ‘fix’.  You’ll have happy players again. 
  • CylacCylac Posts: 4 Newbie

    Board preview can only be done one way and that's been taken. Game boosters will fall wherever they choose, but if the player has more than what is on the board then they should be able to place another booster or two in any spot on the board they choose. If we cannot back out and reset, we will be losing boosters that are buried or stuck in remote places on the board that absolutely cannot be reached in any way. Yes, that happens all the time, especially on the more difficult upper levels. The change has effectively given the game the ability to steal boosters, and by extension, our gold bars. If they are used to buy boosters and the booster is then rendered useless inside the game, the player is SOL. That is not fair and that is why so many people are losing their minds. People that spend money are going to keep spending money, regardless of where the candy lands on the board. Being able to reset the board gives, as you stated, a slight Advantage. Key word here is slight. Even if you go back into the board and your candy bombs or stripe candies are exactly where you want it means nothing. You can still be stuck on that level for days and days. The game is frustrating enough, the last thing players needed was King adding to the frustration. This is the Legacy game, the game that started it all. King has the ability to gift that to their adoring public, as a way to actually de-stress after having played all of their other games that are so difficult you have no choice but to walk away. 
    Please, tell me, what happened to the option to watch videos for extra moves and boosters?? That inconsistency is mind-boggling, Beyond frustrating, and literally maddening when all you need is one more move to get that candy and you have no gold to buy those moves or spin the freaking wheel.
    you said that there are no plans to back down from the decision to fix this supposed problem. I can guarantee you that there are no plans for any of your players to come back to this game until you do fix this problem. It is a rip-off, it has sucked all the fun and joy out of everyone's game, And playing the game is now pointless because you know there is no way you are going to beat these levels. You have effectively kicked everybody in the nuts and shoved them out the door to greener pastures. Free greener pastures.

    Perfectly said!! 
  • tinyGiraffetinyGiraffe Posts: 1 Newbie
    I'm a longtime player who had reached level 3893 before you pulled this nasty little trick. I would mostly play for free and occasionally buy some boosters if I hadn't earned any in a while or was in a particularly tight spot. I'm not prepared to pay for boosters that end up in useless positions, so that's it, I'm out. While CC was an absolutely outstanding game when it came out and is still quite good, there are others out there now. Sorry guys, you killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. Too bad. Anyone have any suggestions for replacement games?
  • LuckyMe1189LuckyMe1189 Posts: 43 Level 2
    edited December 2019
    I need to go to the App Store and leave bad reviews there to bring this down. Apps with low ratings won’t make it.

    *Post Edited: please remember to only share personal opinions and actions you are going to take.
  • PounaweaPounawea Posts: 3,732 Community Manager
    Hello @LuckyMe1189 ,

    All opinions are more than welcome in this forum and I encourage you all to share your feedback and feelings with the community, but please, we need to keep them personal. Feel free to share with the community what are you personally planning to do but do not promote general actions. 

    Thank you very much for your understanding. 

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  • LuckyMe1189LuckyMe1189 Posts: 43 Level 2
    jenfink said:
    Over the past few days I have been searching for a replacement to CC. I have found that lots of games still have the “in” and “back out” feature. This is clearly not a “fix”. It’s a common feature in these types of games. Good news for me, I have some good replacement prospects! Bad news for King, I haven’t played CC in 4 days. Hope you miss my money, because it’s going to another game developer now. 

    Can you give us an “opinion” of which games these might be?😉

  • tizo44tizo44 Posts: 7 Level 2
    I am a the point of frustrated. I am stuck on level 5870. I too are going to move on to another game. Been playing Cc for many years and it is no longing relaxing.  Sad to see this game has been made to be nightmarishly hard. Fun is gone. 
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