No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



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    Dinerboy said:
    Ponder this from a player's perspective, within the context of buying boosts, because that's how King monetizes the game.

    If you open a board and your boosts are located in lousy positions, you've just lost those boosts with no realistic expectation of them helping you beat a tough board.  If this is the norm, are you *more* or *less* likely to spend money on boosts?  The higher probability of having a booster simply go to waste will be a disincentive to spending money on them.

    Here's the most galling part, they've done this BEFORE. In this thread, started (I think) May 28th of this year, players complained about the reset feature being removed. Shortly after, because of those complaints, King reinstated the reset function. And now, they've helpfully "fixed" it and removed it permanently. It is literally jaw-dropping that this blatant money grab was initially being sold to players as some "fix" -- when it clearly wasn't positioned as such in the past. 

    Anyway, King listened back then. Now, we're all getting a big middle finger while they have a good laugh at our expense. Good luck with your 4Q profits, King. Never another penny from me! 
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    Signed up just for this. I'll keep going until level 6000 then I'm out. This "fix" ruined the game for me. I enjoyed going back improving old levels but that's out of the question now. 
    Bye, bye for ever. 
    Way to make a stand...keep going to level 6000. Goo luck with that! The rest of us will be sticking it right back at King by refusing to play. What goes around comes around.
    We'll, it's another 85 levels and it appeals to my numerological side 😁
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    I have never posted here or on the helpblogspot but since I'm going to be quitting the game I decided to give my 2 cents. I have been playing for probably 4 years and am in the 4800s in terms of levels. I have seen lots of complaints on the blogspot but in general have always found a way to get the game to have some strategy vs just luck. At first it was in the games themselves, then as levels became ridiculously difficult, it became a strategy of which boosters to use, then sugar drops were changed and the bots added and it became a strategy of resetting the game to start with the combo I thought would best help me win. If all else failed I'd go to the blogspot and the servers behind the scenes would communicate "hey we made some $ off her with the ads" and I'd magically pass within the next time or two. I haven't spent any $ on boosters but have used blogspot a ton so the ads I've been served have made King plenty of $ via that mechanism. Now as the revenue model has increasingly become unsustainable (which any corporate idiot should have figured from the start would happen with the model they chose) they've taken away reset and basically we are left with a game of slots. Some people like slots - paying $ to play same thing over and over and over and over...not me sooooo boring. And of course with slots there's the ability to win cash - not with this game.$. So with quite a bit of regret I will stop playing because, well, it's soooo boring. 
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    This thread is eye opening:

    It seems that back in the Spring, King first eliminated the ability to reset the board. Then, in a post made on June 4th, a community manager announced King reversed its decision and allowed it once again. Now, we're being told that this was a "game issue" as if it were some glitch that had existed since the game was released and was helpfully now "fixed." They "fixed" it back in June! Now they are "fixing" the "fix" and revoking the ability once again. 
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    LMAO at the fools who implemented this "fix". Enjoy all the well-deserved hatred, you dopes.

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    xofxof said:
    Pounawea said:
    Last but not least, an open question: Can you think of a different way for us to preview levels in the game?

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    Pounawea said:

    Last but not least, an open question: Can you think of a different way for us to preview levels in the game?

    Did I read this right? Are WE being asked for a way to preview levels? Sorta not our job.

    I replay levels to collect sugar drops. Without memorizing past levels or making an exhaustive list of "good" ones, I open levels and then close them again if they're not what I want to play. I'll blow through a lot of lives doing that if there's no preview or no free reset.

    I'd prefer a free reset. But short of that, I'd like a preview. Otherwise, I'm plenty unhappy and am spending much less time on the game.

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    Pounawea said:
    Dear community,

    open question: Can you think of a different way for us to preview levels in the game?
    If yes, please share it with us here and I'll be taking it to the Studio! Let's discuss together ideas and options that could be implemented to the game in the future!

    Hi there, @Pounawea !     

    Why ask for a different way of Previewing Levels when there was one that worked well for years until it was yanked on December 4?  I'll answer it anyway. The answer is Restoration of Free Board Reset! ❤️❤️❤️ Hey, Fellow Community Members, do you agree?

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  • It’s bad enough that every time there is an update you seem to find a way to screw over the players but this is getting to be too much. What if I started a level and before I got to make a move needed to exit? Now I can’t exit without losing a life! Or what if I forgot to turn off boosters from the previous level I just won? Same problem, now I can’t exit! All we get is 5 lives and it already takes long enough to replenish all of those 5 lives and now we get one cut for a stupid reason. You guys should really fix this because this is messed up especially with the amount of money and time ppl put into this game. 
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    Huh, all this time I didn't even realize this was a "thing"! Lol on me, I guess!
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    For the last several days I've signed on hoping that this ridiculous decision was reversed.  It doesn't appear that it's going to happen.  I've won one game in the last 4 days and lo and behold I won level 3929 this morning! I used to win 5-15 levels every time I played.  I thought to myself...this isn't bad?  I almost bought into King's ridiculous business decision and spent some of my personal money (as I do every week) to buy extra's to help.  I stopped myself and decided that this game will no longer get another dime from me.  Maybe it's time to pick up a healthier reading a book!  I absolutely hate greed!  And...I also hate this moderator making excuses for the people in charge!  Own up to what you've done King!!!
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    Pounawea said:
    Dear community,

    I'd like to share with you some information in regards to a god old known issue of the game: 

    as you may be aware, when we access a level, we don't use any move and we exit the level without playing it, we don't lose any life. 

    This behaviour was not intended since the very beginning and very soon, this issue is going to be fixed. 

    That means that, once it's fixed, if we access a level to check it out, we don't do anything and we decide to exit the level to go back to the map, we will be losing a life.

    Thank you very much for your understanding 🙂

    Have a delicious day and let's keep crushing!

    Wow.  I have been a loyal Candy Crusher for years.  I have spent many hundreds of dollars playing the game despite the occasional frustration and glitch.  I will play this game far less now (if at all) due to this change! You should grandfather in the legacy users and make this rule applicable only to new players! Instead of being excited to play, I'm must frustrated on nightmarish levels and will probably just blow all my stored up boosters and quit for good. Not a good way to keep your base.  (Even Trump keeps his base and he's a terrible person). Way to go! Covfeve yourself!
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    No more purchases from me!!! This is ridiculous 
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    I have a big problem with candy crush i play candy crush all the time and now i can't go in and out my level by not doing a move without losing a life this is **EDIT: Rude** fix the **EDIT: Rude**  problem and hurry up and fix it now i can't get my levels without  
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    I am one of those players that actually pays money to play to get a little extra help so that I can keep passing levels, being able to enter and exit a game without losing lives or boosters was essential.   But no more, therefore I will no longer be giving money away to any King product.
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