No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



  • TeeinKSTeeinKS Posts: 2 Newbie
    I just got into the game to spin the wheel in case they ever fix it. I’ll just collect freebies and let them pile up. Oh wait, except for the wheel is gone now. Unreal. 
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  • rdeeley62rdeeley62 Posts: 5 Level 2
    Adding my voice to the others that see this issue did not need to be fixed. 

    There have been ideas that King employed which made CC more enjoyable, races and Fantastic Five. 

    This fix reduces my enjoyment of the game. I'll probably keep playing but I will get bored more often and find other things to do.
  • John_DenverJohn_Denver Posts: 1 Newbie
    I can’t believe this change. Sad day. Don‘t feel like playing anymore after 6 years. 
  • RainnRainn Posts: 1 Newbie
    Right. So you people completely effed up the daily boosters and put TIMERS on them for gods sake and now you have made this change regarding resetting the board. Which I'm sure was done for altruistic reasons and not as another way for you jackasses to screw money out of people.
  • WeeJumWeeJum Posts: 3 Newbie
    Looks like I have gotten as far as I’m going to. Actually thanks for breaking the addiction to this game.   Last time you raised prices and I quit spending money.  Now this?  Now I quit playing the game. Bye ! 
  • Fakhruddin-2Fakhruddin-2 Posts: 145 Level 3
    Tomorrow on Wednesday 45 levels will come before that our rights to reset the board as per our choice to be restored and remove timed boosters from all events 
  • imagwaiimagwai Posts: 32 Level 2
    mercerik said:
    New Diversion To Calm Complaining Members: Voting

    This is where the action is. This is your chance to voice out your objections
    where it counts the most, not just giving someone points to collect
    to be added to his or her name. Voting is just to buy some time!

    Please join us and let your voice be heard!

    I didn't see you post the link to vote to bring the feature back in this thread. Here it is:
  • Dirty_NurseDirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 5
    freb said:

    LMAO at the fools who implemented this "fix". Enjoy all the well-deserved hatred, you dopes.

    More like LMAO at the fools who spent actual money on a free game.  I have no idea how anyone could possibly derive any sort of satisfaction or pleasure from spending money on a completely free-to-play game.  I’ve been playing almost since day 1 and have never purchased any booster or moves to beat any level and yet am at the top and waiting for new levels.  

    I’m genuinely curious here...for those of you who are gullible enough to spend actual money on this free game, what exactly do you get out of it?  Do you enjoy buying gold bars and boosters to complete levels only to have to do the same thing every Wednesday when new levels are released? King must be relying on this addiction with this awful change...I for one will simply wait until the “fix” is redacted to play again but until then will sign in daily to accumulate boosters.

    King, you should really look into restoring ads for all players as that’s the only way you’re going to get income off anyone with either half a brain or patience.  I had them for about a month and then they disappeared.  It’s the only way you’ll ever make any money off of me or thousands of other like-minded players.
  • pistoffpistoff Posts: 12 Level 2
  • BooskyBoosky Posts: 0 Newbie
    I can't believe that after getting this far now the games is like... I don't like the changes at all... Am so angry right now 😡 
  • TurboTim66TurboTim66 Posts: 49 Level 2
    edited December 2019
    Coming back to state again, you have ruined the game and everyone is quitting. You **EDIT: Offensive**

    I'm not angry at any of the messengers, though I feel for how **EDIT: Rude** they are as well.

    I collect the freebies, start a game, back out. When it says you lose a life, I close the app and play family guy because it is not a King game. If they don't fix it, I don't play. If all of us do the same, they will either fix it, or the whole platform collapses.

    Hopefully enough other people do the same.

    You are self destructing, and are too**EDIT: Offensive** to know it. You are helping many of us realize just how many hours of our lives we wasted sat at a screen supporting something that does not care **EDIT: Rude** about any of us loyal paying users.

    **EDIT: Offensive** think we will pay more to get less. I sincerely hope you get what you deserve - a record breaking collapse caused by greed. I will do my bit, hope you others do as well, and teach King a lesson.

    **EDIT: Rude**
  • hamster_tangohamster_tango Posts: 1 Newbie
    Adding my voice against this ridiculous change! Signed to the forum especially to do so- I am on level 3840 and have not used the forum before so I hope this will tell you how angry I am at this change!

    I've got kids and a job and people/deliveries at the door and all number of unexpected normal life interruptions as I’m sure every single CC player has.....and now we are losing precious lives for unstarted boards when we deal with our real life! Please change it back!!

    I am not grateful in any way shape or form for this early Xmas gift King- you are meanies, bah-humbugs if you don’t reverse this silly change you have made
  • TurboTim66TurboTim66 Posts: 49 Level 2
    Elsa said:
    Don't bother Elsa. Seriously - do you not get it? Welcoming people who only came here to tell you we're quitting because they loused the game up with ultimate greed and complete disrespect to loyal users of 6-7 years?

    What is not to get?

    Fix it or we leave. Restart levels, and go backwards to build up boosters. Its as simple as that - or your beloved platform will collapse.

    We still paid money each month doing this, now CCS get nothing at all, and multitudes leaving. Within a short time, this will collapse if they do not 'unfix'.

    Don't be fooled - the addicts will soon grow tired of propping you up, by then we the masses will be gone.

    Really - it is that simple. Take that back to the money hungry disrespectful absolute total fools who messed the game up, sooner than later. You've already lost so many it is scary.

    The delete option is far easier than continuously trying to get this through greedy thick skulls. Read the history of this one topic alone. 32 pages in how many days?

    You idiots. You cannot defend this stupidity - to try makes you look as dumb as they are. (respectfully)

  • Dirty_NurseDirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 5
    We still paid money each month doing this, now CCS get nothing at all, and multitudes leaving. 
    Who is the we you speak of?  I’ve never spent any money to buy boosters or pass levels.  Nobody that has any sense whatsoever would spend actual money on virtual goods.
  • xofxofxofxof Posts: 13 Level 2
    Elsa said:
    Ok guys a lot of you know me and you also know that I am always here and available to help all of you whenever I can.  I almost stopped playing the game last week when trying to clear and finally clearing level 5971.  It really did me in and I am hesitant to see the new episode this week.

    But that’s not my reason for writing here and now. I totally understand all of you and the level of anger that you all feel about these changes.  Please please try to understand that @Pounawea is just the messenger.  He is a middleman, like me, except that he is a step closer to the studio.  Please take a deep breath and try to understand where he is at.  He does not make these changes and I can tell you from past experiences that all the community managers are on your side and not their side.  He is not sitting at his desk twiddling his thumbs.  He is constantly in touch with them passing along your thoughts and feelings about these changes.  Then when the studio gives him an answer that might not go over well he still writes here to let you know what is going on behind the scenes.  Venting from you is ok but threatening to report King is something that I will not address.  

    Please give @Pounawea a chance and please try to understand what he experiences too.  I can totally understand both points of view, as a Superstar who is a messenger, and as a player who also struggles with the game sometimes.  So how do I handle my stress from playing the game?  I come here and create stories for all of you to read and enjoy.  It helps me unwind and I can walk away from the game.  Another way to deal with it is to play all 4 candy crush games.  When I can’t deal with one of the games I just move on to the next and the next until I am all gamed out.  I also come here and make friends with a lot of you.  We introduce ourselves to each other and have a laugh or two.  I don’t expect you to follow in my footsteps because we are all different.  Now if anyone lives near me can you please bring me some wine?  I could use it right now.  I refuse to let this game control me.

    Enjoy your evening and I am here in the community tomorrow if you need me but I will not walk alongside you and share in your anger.  Please try to see all sides and maybe together we can come up with some solutions.
    I don’t fully agree with you, Elsa. 
    As no one official from King shows up of course it is the messenger to address as he has at least some sort of connection to the producers. What else would be left?
    only having some small discussion where nobody cares about? No!

    make the messengers be aware of the frustration, this is what we need. So he may pass it to King. Or you do. 

    If King puts in a game I was playing for years an essential “fix” that changes the most tactical influence we had when starting a game, and makes this all only some sort of one armed bandit dealing with random elements - that’s frustrating. 

    I do understand everybody who is mad and support all of them. 

    Change it back!
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