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(FINISHED) Win Gold Bars! Can you find the differences?

ElsaElsa Posts: 23,177 Superstar

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Although both of these pictures might look identical there are differences.  If you take a closer look you might see some things might be missing in one of them.

Do you think you can find all of them? 

***Update to this contest - if you are just saying that you found x number of differences but do not list them then you will not be considered as a participant.  You must either type out the list in the spoiler box or take the original picture and circle your findings and then put it in a spoiler box if you want to be considered a participant for a chance to win gold bars***

*******Please use the spoiler for your answer by clicking on the backwards "P" and then click on the spoiler on the bottom.  When the gray box opens up type your answer and then save it.  Only players who use the spoiler will be eligible for the reward.  If you do not use it then your response will not count.*****

 Three winners will be randomly chosen to win 20 gold bars according to how many you find.

You have until Thursday, 16th January at 13:00 CET to participate.

Terms and Conditions here 

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