(FINISHED) Win gold bars. Tag you’re the “one” contest.

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 Love is in the air! It’s that time of year that everyone thinks of love, chocolate, flowers, etc. Tiffi is gathering up her hearts to share with her friends. Yeti has a special bow and arrow. When he shoots the arrow into the community, everyone falls in love with one another. Mr. Toffee is just excited that he will be spending the day with everyone that he loves.


This contest is going to be a bit different than anything we have ever done in our Saga community. This is how it works.

 To participate in this contest, you have to tag someone in the community who you would want to share Valentine's Day with and then say why. I encourage you to tag someone new, whether it be a New Member in the Community or someone who has not already been chosen/tagged in this Thread by another Member. We want to keep the chain of tagging going/growing and get lots of Community Members involved. Regardless, feel free to tag the player who tagged you. You could even use one of our lovely new Reactions to do that, but bear in mind that the latter tag won't count towards your participation.

Five of the most original answers will be randomly chosen to win 20 gold bars.

You have until Monday, 17th February at 13:00 CET to participate.

Terms and Conditions here


I would like to add a comment here now. This is not a popularity contest nor was it ever meant to be that. It's more about the reasons why you are tagging the individual.


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