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"There was a connection error. Try again in a bit"



  • Cat-13
    Cat-13 Posts: 495 Level 3

    @OliviaDang The best thing is to contact [email protected] And let them know MANY times you are NOT happy with the situation. I have told them and it helps. Especially they are only making 20-23 moves you get now.

    .Let them know:

    1. Your teammates don't really help.

    1. Not enough orange no matter how manty times you hit the "quit button"
    2. 3. Not enough time allowed.
    3. 4. Your daily booster get placed where you could have made a five or a fish and you have to keep hitting the "quit button"
    4. If you use your boosters, they place them where they are useless. So why bother?
  • Tam808
    Tam808 Posts: 2 Newbie

    I’ve been having a connection issue for some months now. The game isn’t worth all the issues I keep having. I stopped buying boosters and gold bars for this reason ugh! It used to be my favorite game.

  • Aliomer8526
    Aliomer8526 Posts: 45 Level 2

    how can I fix connecting error with out lost any boosters

  • jackiebabe007
    jackiebabe007 Posts: 5 Level 2

    This has been happening to me for three weeks now….can’t join the race and win coins. Can’t play the daily contests. I’m getting fed up now. Any advice guys 😎😎

  • Quangster
    Quangster Posts: 2 Newbie

    I have just experienced the above error connection message on 01/02/2023. this is 2 years after the problem was highlighted in the above posts. Has there been a fix found during that time up to the present?

    I also saw a comment that you will loose all boosters if uninstalling & then re-installing the game. One of the replies stated that all boosters will be lost if doing this on mobile devices. Will the loss of the boosters still happen if using a PC using Windows 10?

    I also had this problem on my iPad and re-installed it but lost my boosters, however the booster were still in the game on my iPhone.

    Why were the boosters not lost from my iPhone when the 2 devices are linked?

    Can these boosters be re-installed onto my iPad whilst still on my iPhone?

    Thanks for your help in this matter,

    Keith Slater

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 8,762 Level 5

    No, @Quangster a fix has not been found. To be honest I am not sure King are looking at fixing the error and the only known fix is to uninstall your app.

    Whatever device you play on if you delete the app you will lose all of your unused boosters.

    Boosters are saved to the memory of the device they were earned on. As your iPad and iPhone are separate devices they have separate memory. Your devices aren't linked in anyway.

    Boosters cannot be moved from one device to another.

  • Quangster
    Quangster Posts: 2 Newbie


    I waited for a few days before accepting that there was no fix and had to go ahead and loose my boosters, so today (7th feb) a went ahead and reset the app on my PC running Windows 10.

    When I checked my boosters they were still there and were synced with my other PC running Windows 10 as well.

    So, perhaps a fix was found but it was never advertised by King for some reason.

    The only slight problem so far with the game is that the tiles seem to drop slowly when they are destroyed and replaced with new tiles, but apart from that.. all seems ok.

    As for your comment that the devices are not linked. I only installed Windows 10 on my secondary PC on January 31st(previously Windows 8.1) and all the boosters from my primary PC were on this 2nd PC, so maybe both being PC's means they will sync automatically, and an iPad & iPhone are classed as different devices, so won't sync together. Who knows!

    Thanks for replying to my original post and good game play in the future.

  • Deena1967
    Deena1967 Posts: 11 Level 2

    First wouldn't connect to app store and now says no internet connection. I have done the previously suggested restarting of my phone and it did not work. It IS NOT something on my end. I play other games that connect to the app store and the internet with no problem. Game is not fun if I can't progress because of the connection issues. What can you do to fix and how can I send this message to Support Team and not just in the Community? Thanks in advance.

  • kiara_wael
    kiara_wael Posts: 116,328 Candy Moderator
    edited February 9

    Hi and Welcome to the King Community

    Game not connected, or some other reason, you may face such problems. You can check out some troubleshooting below.

    Please Check app update - Log out game - Restart Device - Open game and Log in.

    You will find complete information HERE

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