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Upcoming changes in Candy Crush Saga: Sugar Track, Build-a-bot, and more



  • hanz19
    hanz19 Posts: 1 Newbie

    (Edit by CM: Unsupported language)

  • David_Lipscomb
    David_Lipscomb Posts: 43 Level 2


    please can you confirm what that means in English

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,288 Level 5
    edited March 2020


    No me dejan pasar del nivel 4026 ponen bastantes fallas tengo suficiente tiempo y lo cortan de que se trata


    Welcome to the forum.

    Click this for Spanish, but write the messages in English over here (haga clic aquí para español, pero escriba los mensajes en inglés aquí)...

  • Trox
    Trox Posts: 4 Newbie

    You have made this game harder to play., by eliminating the ability to reset without losing a lives. I would buy extra life/ boosters as to win a game when I wss very close to winning the level. No more ! I I've been playing this game for years ,first via Facebook. You could care less about long time players. So now either I win the level or I don't. Its just a game after all.

  • Trox
    Trox Posts: 4 Newbie

    Also I'm not a New bee and that was not my first comment !

  • SammyStrong
    SammyStrong Posts: 1 Newbie

    1st off, great game! But I never get to the 2nd day prize for logging in. It is always day 1 on the calendar.. I have un and re installed the game many times and still get day 1 prize....I play every day. Please fix this . Have a beautiful day!!

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 15,007 Candy Moderator

    Hello @SammyStrong I am sorry you are having that problem. There is a support section for the game where issues like this should be posted and people will be glad to help you. However if de-installing and re-installing the game hasn’t helped I’m not sure what can. I suggest you contact Player Support “Contact Us” at the bottom of this page.

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 15,007 Candy Moderator

    I know that these upcoming changes are pretty major especially for long time players of the game. I think the studio is trying to align this game better with the other games. For example in Farm Heroes you cant use Bonnie on lower levels and I don’t think you can use or refill the booster jars in Candy Crush Soda on lower levels. Many people enjoy playing those games without that ability.

    I know it will be hard to adjust to, since we are used to having this ability and hopefully the studio has some new and exciting ways to earn boosters in store for Candy Crush Saga in the future. I will miss Didi and Rami. Like @Elsa said, it was fun watching them grow and getting the boosters and the loss of the sugar track and change to the build-a-bot will be hard on the players and some players may decide to leave the game. But I am crossing my fingers that there will be new and exciting things in the future.

  • JethrinaBodina
    JethrinaBodina Posts: 784 Level 5
    edited March 2020

    Well, my friends, I can tell you what to expect. I've played the new and no so improved Tiffi and the Beanstalk booster challenge and I will not waste my time on it again. I'm not being overly judgemental or whiny, I am telling it like it is and it's quite literally a counter-productive waste of time. It's made up of two sets of five levels, both of which reward you with one of each booster, no UFO included. While I always say that Free Boosters are For-Me Boosters, these come with a cost that makes them less than worth the effort. The details of the game say that you have to pass five levels with one life, but that's not the case, you can't pass one level with five lives. Or twelve.

    You are offered the set of three boosters like you are in all of the regular levels with the very slight advantage of seeing the board when you choose them instead of going in blind. Okaaaaay... I'm trying to WIN boosters, not USE boosters. So. No. I'm not choosing ANY.

    In less than an hour I used 12 lives on the FIRST level. I did not succeed in getting three popcorn, only three you say, right? I'm sure I could have eventually passed the level had I chosen to bring in boosters... But I also could have had to try two or three times and to what end? Three lives, three color bombs, three wrapped candies, three fishies?? To pass ONE level out of five to "win" ONE set of the boosters I had just lost THREE of? I may not be very mathy, but I can do that kind of math. Common sense prevails, y'all!

    This was the second time I had played this new "feature". I played it yesterday and managed to pass the first five levels. Not on my first try every time, but I did it. I then posted my findings and it was not published. It was sent for review and apparently it was too much information.

    Today's level one was exponentially harder than yesterday's level one. Not even close to the same level of difficulty. Now, I'm pretty good at this game. I've passed 3800 levels in about six months. Yes, I have WAY too much time on my hands but that's my business, don't judge me! 😜

    So, go ahead and make changes to the game. Change is good, it keeps things interesting and less monotonous. But for heavens sake, stop giving with one hand and slapping it away with the other.

    Why is it that when it's something that the players want and basically need to continue playing, like the ad videos, it's called a "trial" and sent to random groups of players, but when it's a change that's really a thinly veiled way to get players to use and then buy more boosters and lives it's an across-the-board change to the entire global community?

    All of the community and the King would benefit from the game-wide addition of the ad videos. They drive revenue and I might actually buy something tangible. It's time you never get back and it's spent watching the same commercial over and over and over but I will sacrifice my time before I'll spend a dime.

    Just sayin'. Guess I'll keep on hoping they come up with something else because this Beanstalk needs to be chopped down.

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