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Fantastic 5 Team bonus

Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 25,525 Game Expert

Hl All

My idea is to get more team involvement with everybody on the your teams as at present it is very hit and miss on participation. My suggestion is if every player on the team scores a minimum 1000 points ( this could be changed either way) that the team should get a bonus reward, say maybe an extra hand switch + color bomb or even an extra UFO . This would give more incentive to everyone on the team to participate and also gives every player the chance to participate even if they can play everyday or less frequently. Rewards would stay the same if criteria was not met by every player.

Also should not effect people who play everyday too badly

All Feedback welcomed,

@Diamond Lim Could you tag some active players for me please , would be much appreciated and thank you

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