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Boosters all disappeared

I was playing candy crush today and I had stock piled a bunch of boosters. 68 color bombs 20+stripe/foil,24'fishes and so forth. Oil selected to start my level with a color bomb and I also had the option to watch a video to get alone reward to start the level. I watched the level and got another color :-/ to start the level with. Before I could begin to play my phone died. So I charged it and got back on candy crush to find out all of my boosters are gone. Not just the ones you can use to begin a level but ally switch hands,hammers, spaceships. This is the phone that had of my boosters connected to.it I didn't accidentally deleted anything because my phone died and when I came back all the rewards were gone. I though if I watched a video for rewards it would give me one back. It didn't do that it just gave me 1 stripe/fpil booster. I would like all of my boosters back and for someone to explain how I could lose ally boosters because my phone died.


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