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💬💭 Level Feedback! Leave your feedback on the new levels! (2021)



  • gloriacir
    gloriacir Posts: 7 Level 2
    edited November 2021

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  • katipancz
    katipancz Posts: 15 Level 2

    So...I'm here for my weekly b*tchfest it seems. I mean,at this point I think Candy just reads the comments and has a good laugh at them. For the record I'm on level 10582. Nothing changes once again, there are some enjoyable levels and then back to the impossible. Honestly, I used to look forward to new levels but now I just think what fresh h*ll did Candy come up with again. I know, I know, first world problem but still would love to enjoy this game like I used to. Used to be my escape after a stressfull day but now I need to look for something else to escape from Candy! This,shameless trying to extort money from those who are willing to pay because their frustration level hit the roof, is getting old. I know I'm only one player so it won't even make a small dent in the big Candy world of King but I know I'm not the only one frusrated and feeling pushed away on a weekly basis. Please don't tell me you adjust the levels to more difficult for our enjoyment like you keep saying when we say it's different on youtube, because that's a bold face lie! We are not stupid, or maybe I am for keep playing. Anywho, still going to play but I as I said in my earlier comments I'm getting closer to quitting time. Hope you have a good laugh at my comment once again and I'll have a good laugh at how you won't change anything because only your paying players matter to you!

    Oh, one more thing, what the heck is this let's count up and haha or whatever thing ?

    Oh, wait, one more thing, for all the money you collect can't you design a better community forum, this one is really hard to "crack". I'm guessing that's why most people don't even bother complaining.

    Ahh, Candy Crush look what you've done, turned me into a negative Nelly! See you next week for more b*itchfest as I'm sure nothing will change!

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I’ve been saying this for well over a year.

    it’s a PAY AS YOU PLAY game now, that’s why I quit. CC has been destroyed through GREED.

    I still read comments now and again to see if anything has changed, but obviously it hasn’t. There’s not enough players complaining for anything to change and I agree that they just sit back and laugh at these comments.

    There’s also too many newbie’s that think this is a great game, but wait until they progress to levels above 10k, they’ll start to complain and then quit. Its just a learning process and hopefully KING will suffer

  • Clkendal
    Clkendal Posts: 7 Level 2

    I’ve noticed on some of the hard levels it crashes as soon as I crash it, it’s so frustrating to spend money and use up all of your helpful things and then have to start the level over and lose

  • GulamGuas
    GulamGuas Posts: 9 Level 2
  • kellzsofresh
    kellzsofresh Posts: 12 Level 2

    Barely made it to level 2000

  • rawansous123
    rawansous123 Posts: 1 Newbie

    I'm in level 10570 ! Levels are so hard and few steps ! Boring not exciting any more and instead of reliefing stress it makes us more stress!!!

  • gerrinorth
    gerrinorth Posts: 5 Level 2

    I’m stuck at level 2698😩

  • geln77
    geln77 Posts: 60 Level 2

    The frustrating "new normal" for levels over 10 000 is all the more frustrating because the game is very clearly not the same for all.Levels are released and within 2 weeks are re-worked with the formula 1/3 less moves + extra locks/ blockers / layers of frosting. Boosters do little to nothing, and the game has clearly been tweaked to ONLY work with extra moves. For me there is almost no "game play " anymore's just waiting for a randomized "cascade" that doesn't happen. As a longtime player/ enthusiast, while I don't do in game purchases, I do contribute to C.C's passive income, meaning I watch ads.Since it is very difficult to communicate with game developers or leave any feedback whatsoever (that isn't with a bot) all you can do is NOT WATCH ADS. While I'll still occasionally watch a "free booster" ad, I very rarely watch one to start a level or finish a level as they do almost nothing. Another thing you can do is "quit" a level once you realize it's going affects the game statistics and shows developers a level of disinterest or frustration + it doesn't allow them to sell ad space at the end of the game. I'm not ready to delete the app just yet- over the years the game has had a few rough patches but never this rough or for this long.

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