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💬💭 Level Feedback! Leave your feedback on the new levels! (2021)



  • dopje
    dopje Posts: 1,014 Level 2
    edited December 2021

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  • Katywads
    Katywads Posts: 5 Level 2

    So sad to see all of the negative comments but I have to agree with most of them. I have never spent a cent on playtime but I thought I could continue to play at a competitive level. That is no longer the case and the game just ins't fun anymore. Some of the key players I have followed for tips/cheats are no longer here either. Will have to reassess why I play. It just isn't even fun anymore. Sorry King, You win.

  • tj_
    tj_ Posts: 33 Level 2

    It's super fun until about 10,500ish. Then, unless you like playing the same level 60 times. Like the one I left at, there's about 70 blocks that is impossible to get rid of unless they add a ton of moves or you use several UFO's or a few party poppers.

    So that's it for this old kid. Happy crushing!! <3


  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,598 Level 4

    I completely understand where your coming from @tj_

    I was where you are about 2 and a half months ago when I gave up on Candy Crush Saga on Level 10,150. I decided I wasn’t having fun anymore, so I quit playing and haven’t looked back.

    I’ve been able to recapture the fun I had playing CCS by playing Candy Crush Friends Saga. I’ve completed over 3600 levels, and even though the levels are getting noticeably more difficult, they are not like the ridiculously impossible levels in CCS that led to my quitting that game. I’m having a blast playing Friends, and I recommend it as a great game to feed your Candy Crush cravings and have some fun again! 😁

  • kotamofak
    kotamofak Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited December 2021

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  • Juno
    Juno Posts: 43 Level 2

    Levels just impossible at the moment all fun gone out of game nhard games are impossible no way to gain any streak or boosters!

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I quit a couple of months ago round about level 10300 but now and again come back to read the comments to see if anything has changed.

    Ive been saying for over a year that this game is now PAY AS YOU PLAY. I’m glad that plenty more players are coming round and seeing I was telling the truth.

    What used to be a fun game has been completely destroyed by KINGs greed.

    Levels are impossible to pass without plenty boosters, which are VERY limited unless you have deep pockets. If you don’t pay it takes about 30 attempts to pass each level. There’s no fun in that.

    I hope that KING continues to suffer with everyone quitting and playing other MORE ENJOYABLE games. They’ve brought this upon themselves.

  • ritikashivesh
    ritikashivesh Posts: 3 Newbie

    I am playing at 5500 levels and I am livid that I do not get any sweet surprises, or extra lives on watching ads or anything on these levels. Not even the campaign’s you run. My boxes are empty. I am not even getting any daily surprise during your Christmas month. This is since I crossed the 3k levels. Is this the way you punish your most consistent player? I am highly disappointed. Especially since I can see all those campaigns and surprises in my husband’s game of 4K levels.

  • madmadmad
    madmadmad Posts: 30 Level 2

    Playing on Windows computer and level 10750 just came out on Wed. and is impossible with 20 moves and no boosters. I looked up how others beat the level and they had 35 moves. It's seeming more and more like a money grab to get you to buy more boosters.

  • wbw
    wbw Posts: 248 Level 3
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