Isn't this a blatant disregard for the integrity of candy crush as a "game"

FraudstersFraudsters Posts: 4 Newbie

I use the word "game" loosely, because I am used to the stunts King deploy to try and persuade their customers to buy boosters. Even by their standards this one plummets candy crush to new depths.

So, when you reach a hard level the "first" game board appears like this (note the number of moves)

Clearly, it is virtually impossible to complete the level even with the boosters earned by winning previous levels at the first attempt. Is this not an attempt to try and deceive the hapless soul playing the game to deploy/buy boosters in a vain attempt to keep their winning sequence going? Call me cynical, but YES is the answer. Particularly when the board for your second attempt at the level looks like this

I just laugh off these stunts by King, but please fellow players DO NOT waste a penny of your hard earned cash on this game when the developer pulls stunts like this.


  • dajaredajare Posts: 20 Level 2

    I saw several moves that could've been made with the boosters u had available without causing ur available moves counter to decrease. Not saying this in defense of anyone bc I too have faced several boards that could not have been mastered even with the available boosters. I'm so stubborn I've played the same level for days - refusing to buy boosters bc like u say - that's my hard earned cash - I don't want to give it away on boosters in a game that at the end of the day really means nothing.

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  • mandrakmandrak Posts: 128 Level 2

    Yes i notice that a few days ago after pause ccs for few months.i write the post about that.....HERE THE POST I really don't understand the concept of this game anymore. Now I checked on my android and the level has 15 moves and Kiera has 21. Unfortunately, 15 moves for this level are impossible. And that happened to me before on a couple of previous levels. 3 moves more and then they give me a disproportionately small number of moves. I lose the winning streak I go to android and there are far more moves example of this level. I pass the level and now I see a reduced number of moves. the company significant differences at the same is unbelievable that no one has sued the company for the obviously harsh rights of consumers.not every player can have different games and opportunities.SHAME !!!!...(in this example i write about level5391 but i notice at many level before).....

  • mandrakmandrak Posts: 128 Level 2

    After a few months i say myself let play one race.Level 5361and 5362 was hard purple level.Before few months they have 27 and 29 moves.And I emphasize HARD LEVEL.Todey 15 MOVES...15MOVES...They take 12 and 14 moves on HARD level!!!!I i I have many booster and 3 moves extra and i pass but for the new players WARNING!!!!Think about this game.This game is not what is used to be.They made every level so hard that if you dont have booster or very much money you will not pass one level in many attempts .I am very very angry.I repeat on hard purple level they take 15 MOVES....LONG LIVE THE KING๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ˜ก

  • FraudstersFraudsters Posts: 4 Newbie

    I understand what ur saying but my point was that you start a new level with a greatly reduced number of moves and then if you fail it King implore you to use boosters to complete it. If you decline that invitation then the next attempt at the same level has a massively increased number of moves. The number of moves should be the same whether it is the first time you play it or the one hundredth time you play it.

  • sweet_stanleysweet_stanley Posts: 8 Level 2


    Absolutely agree with you. They ruined the game completely, and they are scamming us.

    I just completely stopped playing the game after 6-7 yerars somewhere in level 4300+.

    If you are interested please have a look at my topic - same issue as you. Every time I win streak they lower the moves. Same thing happend to you. Even that no one is responding why they bring this feauture to life...

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