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🔟🏆 Level 10 000 in Candy Crush Saga is here! Claim your exclusive badge now!



  • bobby_d
    bobby_d Posts: 31 Level 2

    I'm a little behind in posting this, see ya 11,000

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 150,979 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello! @bobby_d and Candy Crushers! 👋

    This special competition is finished early already. Did you reach and complete milestone levels recently? Fantastic!

    Then, head over to the Milestone Club badges and collect yours! 😉

    🏁 Let's post your screenshot of your current level on these badges' threads and claim your milestone level badges:

    Level 1000 Level 2000 Level 3000 Level 4000 Level 5000 Level 6000 Level 7000 Level 8000 Level 9000 Level 10 000 Level 11 000

    Also let's post your screenshot of over 1 million points on 1 million club thread and claim 1 million club badge here. 😄

    Wondering how to take a screenshot? Check the instruction here. 📷

    If you're not clear on how to attach a picture to the thread, check out here. 🖼️

    If you want to win free gold bars (boosters/unlimited lives) / (badges on your view profile) on this game, let's participate here! 😉

    ⚠️ Note ⚠️

    "Announcement" (you can see pink colour board of announcement while green box), it means contest is still active while you can joined and answered that you can still chance to win free gold bars (boosters/unlimited lives) / (badges on your view profile). And "Finished", it means contest is ended or finished that contest has no longer to be announced while you cannot win gold bars (boosters/unlimited lives) / (badges on your view profile) as it's too late!

    I hope you can understand to read it and participate on contests. Good luck and have a nice day! 🤞😊

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