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In the past when I played Candy Crush on the facebook platform and my lives were getting low, I'd send out a request to friends on Facebook. I would select "choose all" and several little windows would pop up with my actual Facebook friends so I'd know who the requests were going to. I'd get hundreds of lives - like at least 3 or 4 hundred in 20-30 minutes. I've noticed that that is not happening anymore. I have been playing more, but I've only gotten about 5 lives from several requests from my entire list of friends (2,000+ friends). I see requests for lives coming in, but very few are gifted lives. What is going on? Is Facebook just not sending out the requests anymore? I play another game on the Facebook apps, Gardens of Time, and I get so many of those little windows to show who is getting items, that it's ridiculous. I might get 50 popups in Gardens of Time, but I no longer get them on Candy Crush. Unless I stop playing for several days, I will only get maybe 20 lives at the most per 24 hour period, even though I ask for lives multiple times throughout the day. I don't like to ask so many times as I've seen one person ask 40-50 times a day and I thought that was excessive. Now, I think she has probably had the same experience as me. It seems like lives are being throttled either by Facebook or King. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


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    Lives received from Facebook friends are notifications sent in Facebook. They're held in your profile and delivered into the game once per notification.

    This means that if you update Facebook, change your profile, reinstall the Facebook app or even update its app software, those Facebook notifications may get lost, as they've been delivered and cleared from the queue. While it is possible to store in-game messages from your friends, due to these factors outside our control, we cannot guarantee that they will remain on your device indefinitely.

    Lives can also be lost through an update to the game, your own device or by restarting your device, which clears a certain amount of memory, depending on your device. We therefore recommend limiting the number of messages and lives that you save; a full mailbox can also affect the functionality of the game

    Check also the page here about the Lives.

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    I checked the link about making Candy Crush active, but it is already active. I have never had to renew the active status. So that info was not correct. I'm just not getting that many lives. Having 2,000 friends who are all gamers should get me plenty of lives per day, but as I said earlier, I'm getting maybe 10 per 18 hour period. This is ridiculously low and not what it should be. I used to get hundreds of lives sending out just one request.

    I have not updated anything on my MacBook Air. So none of that info applies to me. I'm using a computer, not a mobile device, so no updating is needed except for Chrome and that is updated.

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    Hi @Periwinkle An article in the Help Center that is related to your issue has this to say.

    Do you have issues receiving Lives or your Lives that you send doesn't reach your friends? 

    Millions and millions of game messages are being sent every day across the games all around the world. Some of these may get stuck in the system and arrive with a delay, doesn’t reach certain devices or platforms, or simply, do not arrive at all.

    It’s always worth resending the request or life and hopefully the lives will get through eventually and reach your game. 

    So based on that they might simply be lost.

    Another thing that might be causing you to lose lives is something called Candy Connections. This new feature that was introduced in March of this year does not work, and has effected the friends lists of a lot of people. So whilst you might not have Candy Connections if any of your friends do then they will no longer be able to send you lives.

    Read all about it here

    One last thing you might find useful. Here is a link to issues that are asked about on a regular basis

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    Are you sure that your friends are still actively playing and sending lives like before?

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