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🎆🎉 Fireworks Festival - a sweet and sparkly celebration in Candy Crush Saga!

Crazy Cat Lad
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Fireworks Festival!

Five weeks of fun events and sweet rewards, but also a big celebration of the level 10 000 in the game.

Level 10 000 has just been released on W10, but we’ll kick off the real celebration of level 10 000 a couple of weeks later when the level is open on all platforms. 

That’s not all though! Mark you calendars with the following events and dates so you won’t miss anything...

Mr Toffee’s Secret Vault - part 1

16 - 23 August

The first week Mr Toffee will have a mission for you. Complete the required amount of levels in the event and get access to Mr Toffee’s secret room. A delicious surprise is waiting for you there.

Do you think you manage to pass all the levels in only one week?

Mr Toffee’s Secret Vault - part 2

23 - 30 August

Level 10 000 is out now for all players and on all devices! No matter which level you are on in the game, you’ll have the chance to play the ten thousand level now already! 

Crush 10 000 candies on your regular levels on the Saga map this second week of Fireworks Festival and get access to play level 10 000 in a special event the next week! You can play your current level, but also replay old levels. All candies will count!

Level 10 000

30 August - 6 September

If you crushed 10 000 candies the previous week, you will now have access to Mr Toffee’s special event with level 10 000 this week! Your crushing skills will be rewarded if you beat the level 10 000 in this event.

Find more about the Level 10 000 celebration in Community HERE!

Sugar Stars Collection

30 August - 6 September

Light up the sky in Candy Kingdom by completing the constellations of Licorise, Odus, Tiffi and Misty.

Collect Sugar Stars on your levels to get all constellations complete. A brilliant reward is given out if you manage to collect all the required stars. You can play your current level, but also replay old levels. All Sugar Stars will count!

Will you get enough Sugar Stars to light up the whole sky?

Level Collection

16 - 13 September

Complete the required amount of levels in Mr. Toffee’s level collection event and win some sweet rewards!

Golden Crown Collection

15 - 20 September

The final week is to collect Golden Crowns with Tiffi! Complete your levels on the first try to get a Golden Crown. Reach the target of required Golden Crowns and Tiffi will reward you with a delicious treat.

On top of that!

Battle of Bands

16 August - 20 September

Dexter is taking some vacation these five weeks, so Olivia is taking over the League event during this time. Therefore it will also be called Battle of Bands instead of Space League, even though most things in the event will be the same as in Dexter’s Space Leagues. 

The league names will be new during the weeks. You’ll start in Harp Harmony, then advance to Dexter’s Drummers and via Yeti’s Bluegrass Band and Frosting Funkadelic to the top league that is called Jazz Jubilee.

To progress in the leagues you will need to collect the Battle of Bands tickets.

Crush candies on your regular levels on the Saga map to get tickets. The more candies you crush, the more tickets you will collect and the higher position you’ll get in your league. The top players in every league will be rewarded and also move up to the next league each week, as usual.



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