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🏧🍪🍭 How do you feel about the Daily Treat Machine?



  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,069 Level 5
    edited August 2021
    Salty, I have no idea how it works or what to expect from it.

    What kind of bogus poll options are these and who are these bots voting.

    There should be a "Salty, this new feature****." I know full well what it is and how it works, and I DON'T LIKE IT.

    Contrary to your images, it NEVER rewards a lucky candy (check mark), lollipop hammer, or UFO booster.

    About the only good thing is it sometimes rewards a Free Switch, but honestly, the Treat Calendar was better for that purpose because at least the free switch was guaranteed to be rewarded the 7th day. With Treat Machine, you may get a free switch, but that could be 2 or 3 weeks apart FFFFF. Every other booster it rewards is as useless as ________ (finish the sentence yourself idgaf)

    If the machine worked and gave boosters according to your fake images, I might be happy with it.

    As it it, one of my CCS accounts has a maxed treat machine and still rewards nothing useful while the other account (where the machine was more recently added) is at Day 16 and gives the same booster rewards. The so-called tiers is just a cheap ploy to make people think this machine is worthwhile.

    (EDITED by CM - Inappropriate/ abusive language) 

  • Sukanta_Biswas
    Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,851 Candy Moderator
    Divine, I love it and have full control over it and my progress!

    I got the feature and the feature is working perfectly for me🥰There are daily reward, plus attractive reward as soon as you reach each milestone👌Currently I have passed the first milestone😃😃

    I am very happy to get the feature😍

  • MonroeH
    MonroeH Posts: 152 Level 3
    Sweet, but not sure how it works exactly.

    Is there actually a way to control it? As far as I can tell you click the Start button and it gives you whatever it gives you. Usually I just get 1 booster. A couple of times it's given me multiples (of the same booster), but no idea how it decides what you get, and how many of them you get. If there's a way to get multiple boosters on a regular basis, I'd love to know how!

  • Crazy Cat Lad
    Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,124 Community Manager
    Divine, I love it and have full control over it and my progress!

    Thanks for so much feedback and good questions!

    I will pass on all comments to the guys behind the feature, so keep commenting if you have any thoughts or more questions.

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 10,713 Legend
    edited August 2021

    I haven't bothered to vote because I agree with Deryck, and there should be less biased options in the poll to choose from.

    Here is my feedback though

    The Daily Treat Machine made its entrance in the game this summer to give more Boosters and to make the game even sweeter! 

    It doesn't give more boosters though. When we all voted on the Would Like to See a New Booster Machine the majority said yes as long as the new machine provided bigger and better rewards. It is a shame that you have ignored that poll.

    How do you feel about this new addition in the game?

    I like the way it looks compared to the old Daily Treat Calendar, but it takes too much time to run.

    Have you learned how the machine works and what to expect from it?

    You press start, and the machine gives you a booster. Sometimes the boosters are random, and sometimes the machine shows you what you will get.. What else is there to learn?

    Do you know how to follow the tiers and how they work?

    Not sure why they would be called tiers as the numbers just refer to how many days you have logged in. They work by providing the booster that you can see above the number.

    And what Boosters you can win on each tier?

    On some of the days you login you win the booster that is shown above the number. What isn't clear is that you can also win extra boosters at the same time

    Do the sweet treats get you logged in daily or is there anything you feel is missing?

    Overall I would say yes it does persuade me to login daily to maintain the reward, more than the old calendar did. The only thing missing is that I would like to see a record of which boosters I have won.

    Do you know what the number in the center of the machine is?

    The number represents the number of consecutive days I have logged in.

    Have you reached the last tier yet?

    Yes, twice.

    Do you know what to expect there?

    I expect the chance to win a jackpot. I reached the max level seven days ago and have not yet seen a jackpot. One booster a day is not much of a reward compared to the old Treat Calendar. We were promised bigger and better.

    I am beginning to think/hope that the jackpot will be all of the boosters shown in body of the Treat Machine

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    @Alienscar- outstanding response, the below is my favourite part.

    Have you learned how the machine works and what to expect from it?

    You press start, and it the machine gives you a booster.

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 10,713 Legend

    @Magic_Mixer and you'll get sent back to the first day if you don't log in for 1 single day. 

    @me6412 but it you miss a day you return to day 1. 

    That isn't what happened to me. I missed a day, and I only lost one 'tier' That is, I went from max to twenty five.

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 10,713 Legend

    Hi @Elsa the number 15 just indicates how many days you have logged in. The boosters below and around the number show which boosters you have previously won.

    The rewards with numbers on top are what you will win when you reach that number of daily logins. That is, when you reach day twenty your screenshot shows that you will win three Colour Bombs

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 10,713 Legend
    edited August 2021

    @Michael-6 Haha, I think I have read too many of your posts. 😂

  • _Elsa_
    _Elsa_ Posts: 36,137 Sweet Legend
    Sweet, but not sure how it works exactly.

    Thanks for explaining it to me @Alienscar! I will let you know on day 20 if I really do get 3 color bombs. Somehow with glitches happening I have my doubts so I hope it proves me wrong.

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