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🏧🍪🍭 How do you feel about the Daily Treat Machine?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 11,464 Community Manager
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The Daily Treat Machine made its entrance in the game this summer to give more Boosters and to make the game even sweeter! 

How do you feel about this new addition in the game?

Have you learned how the machine works and what to expect from it?

The team behind this sweet boosting machine wants your feedback!

Please vote and comment your thoughts and feedback here below.

Do you know how to follow the tiers and how they work?

And what Boosters you can win on each tier?

Do the sweet treats get you logged in daily or is there anything you feel is missing? 

Do you know what the number in the center of the machine is?

Have you reached the last tier yet?

Do you know what to expect there?

Any other thoughts about the Daily Treat Machine are also welcome.

Don’t hesitate to post any feedback!

🏧🍪🍭 How do you feel about the Daily Treat Machine? 188 votes

Divine, I love it and have full control over it and my progress!
Crazy Cat LadMonica_LybeckPollyspopBarry_Dean_ClarkLisaknitsSukanta_BiswasAndres-2ScooterpieColleen12Glenn1972mia73Marzia333Chase_NenikapakiHavishMunsterpattymurray1975aijaziqbaljsmith129xxSmithme6412 103 votes
Sweet, but not sure how it works exactly.
Peter_TornarosElsakiara_waelYorben_GoereeSpinnifixjeanpsNat09aautz1siti_payungchacha68SoloYoteresawallace44Adavsue78wykoonMaryLuyo2020kimleyhill5Nix661Dondivalittlemissmim08 67 votes
Salty, I have no idea how it works or what to expect from it.
CEG-2ernstblnDerycksamm_kmllaleyTomPat43nsvolosDaniTheOGnanapop1WendyG78vbarnardlCandyKids6Michele_Mariedlovo313lauralee14jakizar11Lofaarwendym202 18 votes


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