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Account Reset/ Update every log in

daelizadaeliza Posts: 2 Newbie

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone else out there is facing the same problem.

I play Candy Crush mainly via Facebook (desktop), and have had no issues for the past 2-3years. But a couple of weeks ago, I logged in and was asked to accept the updated terms and conditions. I clicked 'Accept', and logged in. All my progress was the same but I found all my 'stored lives' sent from Facebook friends deleted (I had 200 😭). I also found the game treating me like I was playing for the first time, with all the hints and tips popping up as though I had never played the game before, but I am already past level 4500.

I thought this was a one-time problem but I realise that it is not going away.

Every single time I log in, ever since, I am asked to accept the terms and conditions. The hints and tips also continue popping up like I'm a first-time user. All this doesn't bother me much.

I'm just getting really annoyed that all my 'stored lives' from friends keep getting wiped out every single time. 😞

Please help.


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 61,523 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to the King Community

    Yes, its sometime happen to me . Lives received from Facebook friends are notifications sent in Facebook. They're held in your profile and delivered into the game once per notification.

    This means that if you update Facebook, change your profile, reinstall the Facebook app or even update its app software, those Facebook notifications may get lost, as they've been delivered and cleared from the queue. While it is possible to store in-game messages from your friends, due to these factors outside our control, we cannot guarantee that they will remain on your device indefinitely.

    Lives can also be lost through an update to the game, your own device or by restarting your device, which clears a certain amount of memory, depending on your device. We therefore recommend limiting the number of messages and lives that you save; a full mailbox can also affect the functionality of the game.

    Check also the page here about the Lives.

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  • daelizadaeliza Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited September 20

    Thanks @kiara_wael ,

    I understand that lives can be lost. But that still doesn't quite answer my question on why they are being lost every single time I log into the game via Facebook on my laptop, and why I'm being asked to accept the terms and conditions every login.

    If I enter the game now, find 10 newly sent lives from friends, exit the page, and re-enter again, all the 10 lives are gone immediately.

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