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⭐️💜 Poll of the week - Star Candy vs Heart Candy

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 11,412 Community Manager
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Star Candy or Heart Candy?

Heart Candy or Star Candy?

Which one do you prefer?

Vote and comment on what candy is the sweetest!

⭐️💜 Poll of the week - Star Candy vs Heart Candy 62 votes

Star Candy
Barry_Dean_ClarkMiaChristinebearwithmeteresawallace44me6412Cats4CazcarmenechevarriaIffu2JessicaBillyGreymanenacona123fabkeCassDAlienscarDaniTheOGGFRIENDWendyG78EnterDivisondlovo313doncoyote 21 votes
Heart Candy
Peter_TornarosMonica_LybeckTzvi_MarcuSukanta_BiswasColleen-12mia73Nat09aautz1BoybinaryMarzia333NenikapakiHavishDieOmimiMaryLuyo2020Nikolaos_Prodromidishechicerillabetchiegrl29Shilviya18rebelchildcandyujwal 41 votes


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