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Unable to login into Candy Crush Saga

ChimneyChimney Posts: 1 Newbie

Since Sep 13 2021 I have been unable to play Candy Crush Saga. I am playing Candy Crush Saga on my desktop through the King.com website. My computer is on the latest version of Windows 10. My browser is the latest version of Microsoft Edge.  I am NOT using Facebook to log in. I am NOT using the Candy Crush Saga app to log in.  Once on the King.com website I select Games. The Games window opens and I select Candy Crush Saga but nothing happens. The Candy Crush Saga page does not come up. This happens no matter which game I try to select. If I type in the URL to take me directly to the game a splash page with the King icon in the middle is presented and a recaptcha icon in the bottom right corner.  I don't remember ever seeing the repatcha icon when logging in in the past or indeed any recaptcha challenge. Any help would be great.

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