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Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #1 COMING SOON…

EOTheGr8EOTheGr8 Posts: 762 Level 4
edited November 2021 in Discussions

Hello Candy Crushers!

In a few weeks (no confirmed date), there will be something wonderful for you to enjoy! If you like comics, you’re gonna love what have in store for all of you! It's a Candy Crush comic book series and I'm almost done making book 1! The name of the book, as it's states in the title of this discussion, is Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #1. And yes, it says #1 because I'll be making more comic books continuing the story (probably like 4 books)!

**Please note: These books will be E-books, and I will provide the link to them once I’m finished making it.

Some info that I can give without spoiling the whole thing is that this comic will feature the Candy Crush characters, however, some of the characters might look different than how they look in CCS. For example, Bubblegum Troll looks different in CCSS than how he usually looks in CCS. So this comic will give the Candy Crush vibe from all the Candy Crush games (except CCFS because 3D characters aren’t gonna be featured in my comics. Yet…)!

Now, I know the suspense is killing us, so I’ll give you all the cover art that I've created for Candy Crush: A Sticky Story #1: *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

I have updated the title, so that’s why the cover title looks different.



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