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🍫🍫Chocolate Box Reward.🎉🎉 Gold Bars and Special Prizes to Grab........... (finished)

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Hi Everyone.

Another Fun Contest here.

Chocolate Box is a wonderful and unique feature in Candy Crush Saga. Where we get a lot of good Rewards after completing special assigned tasks. So now all of you have the chance to Play the Chocolate Box feature get the Rewards in the Game and Show us your progress and you will have a chance to win Gold Bars and special prizes here in the Community.


  • Play Chocolate Box Feature then post a screenshot must be shown at least One Tick on any Box and choose one goal completed like these example's pictures have shown above....
  • How to take a screenshot HERE!

🏆️ Prizes

  • 5 (Five) Winners randomly picked players will get 20 Gold Bars each.
  • If you can complete all the Tasks of the Chocolate Box and will get picked as one of the five winners, you will get an additional bonus of One Lollipop Hammer and one Free Switch

🗓️ Dates

  • You will be able to participate here until 18 March 2022 (10:00 CET)  
  •  Terms and Conditions here.


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