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HELP wanted with Levels and Points πŸ™„ and SUGGESTION

DarDarW Posts: 1,272 Level 4
edited January 2022 in Off-Topic

Ok soooo I have been in the King Community Forum pretty much nonstop since I joined and have involved myself in pretty much all I can, but trying to level up is way to difficult. I have searched out as many badges as I can (with the help of others here - thanks guys) and have posted until my fingers are sore lol as you can see I have double the posts level 4 requires and I have been busy collecting badges, I already have 60 but trying to reach 500 points in a reasonable amount of time is next to impossible as far as I can see. It seems you get the most points for helping others but being new it's hard to help others when you are just learning the ropes yourself but with that being said I see very few help posts to get those points... I personally think reaching levels should be more fun and a little easier. I want to level up but HOW??? Another suggestion .. I think we should also get points for clicking on reactions not only collecting them... it would encourage everyone to click, click, click and we need other ways of earning points too. @Diamond Lim can you please tag anyone and everyone who can hear me out... πŸ₯° @Lola_Pop @wykoon @Crazy Cat Lad @kiara_wael these are a few of the names I have seen that may be interested in my post... In another post I suggested we should be able to click on anyones badges and then it takes us to how to earn it... not only for the badge but the points too and nothing came of the suggestion not even a reply as to why it was or wasn't worth my suggestion πŸ€”

By the way I worked soooo hard to get to 500 posts before I hit midnight New Years eve and I did but for what I say πŸ˜† πŸ€” Thanks for reading and I wish you all a wonderful New Year πŸ₯°


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