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Beat the Moderators challange and a chance to win Gold bars with a badge (Finished)🎁🥇

Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,932 Crushing Legend
edited May 2022 in Contests

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Hi everyone 😍

With your very good support, I am back to you with another new challenge🥰 As a fun Competition ''Beat the score of the Moderators'' and considering the progress of the players we have given priority to two challenges. One of our Candy Crush Saga game Moderator @kiara_wael will conduct the competition with me😊

We have chosen two different levels in this competition and you can accept either one or both of these challenges😀

Challenge 1 - Beat the score of level 500 with 676850 points selected by me @Sukanta_Biswas 😋

Challenge 2 - Beat the score of level 5000 with 1091520 points selected by @kiara_wael

The challenge is accompanied by the following "Beat the Moderator" badge, and 5 top scorers from both competitions, a total of 10 (5+5) will receive this badge on their Community profile.🤩

Select one of the levels or both above and post the screenshot here after passing the level. For instructions on how to take a screenshot please visit HERE.

✌✌ Rules

A contestant can post up to 3 screenshots, and old or suspicious screenshots will be considered void.😉

There are no restrictions on using boosters🙈

🏆🏆 Rewards

From both Challenges, a total of 6 (3+3) high scorers will get Gold bars in their Candy Crush Saga game 25> 15> 10 respectively.

🗓 Dates: you will be able to participate in the Competition until 1st Apr, 2022.

Good luck everyone and happy crushing! 🍬 🍬

Terms and Conditions here.



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