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🐢 Hello and welcome to Candy Crush Saga - Archie!

Crazy Cat Lad
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We have our new Candy family member ready and he's soon moving into the game!

From hundreds of suggestions and ideas from our beloved and all engaged players our new Candy Crush character is finally here.

Say hello and welcome to Candy Crush Saga - Archie!

Who is Archie?

Archie is an avid explorer. He is over 250 years old and has used those years wisely. He keeps his house on his back, so traveling is easy! While he is older, he should always appear enthusiastic and full of energy. He should always look like he is about to step on to the road. 

Archie loves to tinker. If he hears a squeaking hinge on a gate, or sees something that need a coat of paint, he is happy to grab his trusty toolkit and get to work. Part of what he loves about travel is meeting people and helping them along the way.

Archie will enter Candy Crush Saga in our Candy Creative Season starting on 23 May 2022.

He will then travel around the Candy Kingdom, so make sure to join all the exploring events!

Special mention also to our players @aautz1 and @creekhunter2 who came up with the idea of Toffee Turtle character. @Tess92 for the name Archie and our players @Spazmodeus and @Vick1 who created the background story.

We also want your feedback!

Did you like this project where we let the players to come up with ideas for a new character?

Did you have fun participating?

Do you want to see similar projects in the future?

What do you think about Archie the Toffee Turtle?

Please give us feedback on the process and creation of our new Candy Family member. Also about the final result!

Our super sweet Archie badge will be given for all feedback:

You have until Friday 17 June 2022 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET to participate and claim your badge. You’ll find terms and conditions here.

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