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 ✅ Collect Ingredients on Gummy Garden Episode to win Gold bars and Badge! 🍒 🌰 ( Finished )

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🌰Hello Candy Crushers 🍒

Time for a new Candy Crush Saga Community contest.! Are you ready to collect Ingredients for Gummy Gardens Episode? Let's go!

Ingredients are one of the main elements in Candy Crush Saga that must be brought down in ingredients levels and mixed levels that require ingredients. There are two different ingredients: cherries and hazelnuts.  The gummy Garden Episode is between Bubblegum Hill and Fantastic Forest. For this contest, Play more ingredients.

🍒 🌰 Contest Rules

  • Play Ingredients level, You can choose (cherries ) only, (hazelnuts ) only, or mix ( cherries or hazelnuts ) from Level 66 on Gummy Garden Episode only.
  • Post Maximum 3 level only. ( higher the number of ingredients, more the chance of winning the Rewards )
  • Take a screenshot at the beginning of a level (showing the number of Ingredients) and a second screenshot showing the level has been completed.
  • In the case of ranking players with the same amount of ingredients or playing the same level, it will be seen who posts first.
  • You can not play any level more than 1 time. If you choose two or three levels, all should be different.
  • Example post👇️ My total for all 3 level Ingredients on Gummy Garden Episode is 2+3+2 = 7 ✔️

Post your screenshots in the comments below 😊Check out this guide on how to take a screenshot HERE!

🍒 🌰 Rewards

The top 5 with the most get Ingredients will get 30 >25>20>15 and 10 Gold bars each, and the top 10 players with more ingredients will get an absolutely lovely and Limited edition Gummy Garden of our Special Badge. Created by @Queen_Elsa to add to their collection.

🍒 🌰You will be able to participate here until 09th September ( 11.00 CEST ) Terms and Conditions here.
Good luck, everyone, and happy crushing! 🍒 🌰



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