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✏ Set a Name! Now available for testing!

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Sweet, new feature!

We're excited to share that we are currently testing a feature that will allow you to set your own name directly from the game! Yes, you read that right 😉

You now have the option to choose the name you wish to recognize by other players in the game and hopefully create new friendships.

This feature will be available through your in-game profile. Select the symbol with the pen on it and add your name:

Note! you can always change your name when you feel like it by going to your profile!

UPDATE: 20th of July!

New addition to the Set a name test! If you haven't set a name yet, our system will suggestion you one and all you have to do is save it of you like it.

There is no option to skip this but, you can always change your name after selecting Save by going to your profile!

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