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🎟️💰️ Lunar Pot of Gold - 20 million Gold Bars to share!

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Get ready for another Pot of Gold - A golden challenge to win Gold Bars!

The Lunar New Year rabbits are gazing at the legendary Pot of Gold! Help Tiffi reach the Pot of Gold by collecting the rabbits.

It starts on the 19th of January and ends on the 22nd!

Collect 1 500 reskinned orange rabbit candies to participate in the Final. When you hit the target, you'll get rewarded with the Golden Ticket that takes you to the Final on the 27th of January.

It starts on the 24th of January and ends on the 25th!

If you missed the Qualifier Round or didn't collect all orange rabbit candies, you have a new chance in the Wild Card Round!

Collect 500 reskinned orange rabbit candies to participate in the Final.

It starts on the 27th of January and ends on the 29th!

Candy Collection with three tiers to collect orange rabbit candies.

Tier 1 - Collect 5 000 4 000 Candies - Win a share of the Gold + 10min Color Bomb

Tier 2 - Collect 14 000 9 000 Candies - Win a share of the Gold + 10 Gold Bars + 15min Stripped/Wrapped Candy.

Tier 3 - Collect 26 000 14 000 Candies - Win a share of the Gold + 40 Gold Bars + 1 Color Bomb, 1 Striped&Wraped, 1 Candy Hammer.

More in Community!

Share your achievement on the thread if you get to the Final in Pot of Gold.

All players that managed to get to the Final will get an exclusive Candy Pot of Gold badge.

You can share a screenshot of your game when completing the Qualifier or Wild Card Round or your progress when collecting the orange candies in the Final. Any screenshot from your game that shows you made it to the Final 😉

Note! You have until Monday, 29 January 2023, 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET, to post your screenshot to claim your badge.

Let us know what you think about the event!

Is it fun and challenging?

Do you understand how the challenge works?

Is it too easy, too hard, or does it have the right balance between fun and challenge?

Vote and comment so we can make all future events even sweeter!

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🎟️💰️ Lunar Pot of Gold - 20 million Gold Bars to share! 182 votes

Divine! I love it!
Tzvi_MarcuMarcemarce22KatiomWerner_CichyScooterpieCarol-38SabrinaMYorben_GoereefingertrickYoscaKerrieEnergizerBunnybearwithmebz_zenTyraFarriskrisewardchahsunsiti_payungolyamtPrettyBubbles 133 votes
Sweet! It is fun, but too challenging for me.
Peter_Tornaroskiara_waelSpinnifixmessenaboutaautz1PoutsyMollySsepidehhShuvonker45gisalyLoser_arjungauravgamepowerLadyGaivmanteeweipingpipperreppipmaeenabashaarmaniek8616xhino1993xhinoericktst 40 votes
Sour! This is not my type of event because... (please let us know why)
jeanpsMiladyRsarikaHammerKillMzMinervaPollydwamingyembooDysong 9 votes


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