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💕FINISHED: Indulge your sweet tooth for a chance at Gold Bars & a Badge!🍫🍬

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Tiffi is very excited because soon it will be Valentine's Day. She loves getting flowers but she has a sweet tooth so she loves getting candy even more!

She has a fun challenge for all the Candy Crush players out there:

You need to replay levels from any of the Chocolate Mountain Episodes and get a total of at least 15 Sugar Stars! Just take a screenshot showing you won the level with 3 sugar stars and the word next and post it below.

Everyone who posts 5 screenshots with 3 sugar stars on each one will be eligible to be selected as one of the 5 lucky players to win 20 Gold Bars in the Candy Crush Saga game.

A Special Badge will be awarded to all Candy Crushers who post Screenshots of levels from Chocolate Mountain Episodes with a total of 45 Sugar stars. That is winning 15 different levels with sugar stars. For those players who have already posted 5 levels showing sugar stars, you will just need to post another 10 levels with sugar stars (but you cannot repeat any levels you already used for the original 5).

Good Luck and Happy Crushing!

NOTE: CCS is releasing a new map and there may be players who have it and cannot see the original Chocolate Mountain episodes:

In the old map there were 10 episodes that repeated. Chocolate Mountains episodes end in 8. You can play/replay levels in any of these episodes - Here is a list of the first eleven episodes:

8: 96-110

18: 246-260

28: 396-410

38: 546-560

48: 696-710

58: 846-860

68: 996-1010

78: 1146-1160

88: 1296-1310

98: 1446-1460

108: 1596-1610

You can see the pattern emerge of the numbering of the levels in Chocolate Mountain Episodes. You can also go HERE to the fan site where they list the levels for most of the Chocolate Mountain Episodes(thru episode 828), you just need to click on the episode and it will list the levels in that episode.

The Contest will end at 1600 Central European Time (CET) on 10 Feb 2023!

Terms and Conditions here.

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