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My gold is missing overnight! Can this be fixed?

gebruikersnaamgebruikersnaam Posts: 19 Level 2

Hey there,

Last night i was playing Candy Crush Saga, and I had 358 gold bars,I woke up and I only got 28 now

. The little problem is that I'm handicapped and cous of my major accident i had 1 year and a half ago on 22/03/2019 I'm on hard medication cous I camping with big pains and cous of that I can't get sleep like 'normal ppl' so I fall a sleep quit a lot on stupid places . Sorry you'll need to reed this but I have to explane in the best way on how it might happen that my gold is gone. Normally when I go to sleep I put my cellphone away but this time I woke up with my cellphone underneath me bah bah.i looked my cell to see if something broke or something and then I realized I had my Candy Crush Saga still on and I lost 330 gold. I saved the gold for when I reach the hard levels like 7000+ so I can buy myself the lives and boosters I need.i show you mine screenshot that atm I don't need to buy anything sinds I'm still loaded with all that stuff.so I ask you guys if you can plx fix my problem so I'm back on track.

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  • wykoonwykoon Posts: 8,835 Community Hub Moderator
    edited September 2020 Accepted Answer

    Hello @gebruikersnaam and hope that you are having a good day.

    Understood that you've lost your gold bars overnight in that situation. I would also like to know whether your boosters have increased because I could see that you have a lot of color bombs and striped + wrapped candies, jelly fishes and coconut wheels. If these items were less before your gold bars were missing and now it has increased, most likely it was purchased using your gold bars. I hope you are not sharing device with anyone else or allow another person to access your phone.

    However, if you are not sharing device with anyone else, then most likely it was purchased accidentally when your body is pressed against your phone all night, as you've suspected. In such situation, you may not be able to recover your gold bars. I would suggest that you use your boosters in your game. Please note that boosters and lives are stored locally in your device and may be lost if your phone is broken or your game/apps crashes that causes you to uninstall your game. Therefore, please utilise your boosters as much as possible.

    If your device is Apple brand, then remember to backup your apps with iTunes to backup and safeguard your boosters and lives in your app.

    You can always participate in the on-going contests to stand a chance to win gold bars to your game.

    Hope you get some insights from my sharing above and let us know if you still need other help. Thank you 😊


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