✨ Sugar Stars Challenge - Gold Bars and an exclusive badge to win! (finished)

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Dear Candy Crushers,

Sugar Stars competition is here!

Now you have the chance to win Gold Bars and also an exclusive badge when getting the three magical Sugar Stars on a Candy Crush Saga level.

Goal and Rules

-Play and complete a level with Sugar Stars and post a screenshot of your score here on the page. (the screen shot will need to be of the 'level completed' message where the score and stars are displayed)

-You can play or replay any level.

-You can play as many times you wish and post a new score as many times you like if you manage to get even higher points.


-The TOP 3 players with the three highest scores will win 30 Gold Bars each.

-An exclusive Sugar Star Badge will be given to the TOP 10, players with the ten highest scores.

You will be able to participate until Friday 9th April 2021 06:00 EST/ 12:00 CET. Terms and conditions can be found here



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